HELLO BROADWAY​ is an online academy for kids ages 12-21 who want to grow up and perform in musical theater productions.

It’s no secret that working on Broadway is intensely competitive. We give young performers a professional edge, helping them shine in auditions, get noticed, and ultimately, get hired.

HELLO BROADWAY ​is a place where students build confidence, a strong work ethic, and unstoppable determination. We prepare kids for success in the performing arts—and everywhere else in life.
The Experience
The ​HELLO BROADWAY​ online classroom is open 24/7.
Students can log in anytime, from anywhere in the world.
Strengthen Skills
Students complete weekly assignments to strengthen their dance, voice, and acting skills.

Personal Coaching
Every student is paired with a Broadway Coach who gives encouragement and constructive feedback weekly. (Not just any coach, but one who’s an actual Broadway performer.)

Audition Prep
Students build a rock-solid repertoire that can be used for high school, regional theater, and college BFA program auditions.

Advice from Industry Insiders
Students have mentorship sessions with casting directors, directors, choreographers, agents, and other Broadway veterans.

Students make new friends and get inspired by classmates—hardworking students from all around the country.

Students develop as artists, but first and foremost, as people. Every month, we watch our students transform—showing up with new levels of commitment, discipline, and belief in themselves.

Enrollment is always open.
Enroll today, then check your email for a welcome packet.
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Under construction!
Under construction!
Peek inside the classroom
that's included:
  • Dance Training
    Choreography inspired by from Broadway’s most in demand choreographers and musicals. Watch the instructional video at home, practice, then record yourself performing the choreography. Post your video to get helpful feedback.
  • Vocal Training
    MP3s, sheet music, lyric analysis, and tips on making audition cuts, plus vocal warm ups.
  • Acting Training
    We work with you on a monthly monologue and scene analysis plus techniques from the top undergraduate and graduate school programs.
  • 48 Personalized Feedback Videos
    ...weekly from your Broadway Coach giving you personally tailored critiques based off of your posted work from the week.
    includes sheet music, coaching, and rehearsal tracks.
    includes coaching and scene study.
  • 12 musical theatre dances
    includes choreography, coaching, and rehearsal tracks.
  • 12 mentorship sessions
    with your Broadway Industry Insiders.
  • 12 group coaching sessions
    with your Broadway Coach.
Plus – Daily Support
Having a tough day?
Need a pep talk?
Have a question?
Got a victory you’d like to share?
Your ​HELLO BROADWAY​ community is online and available every day.
Your Hello Broadway Teachers
  • Jamison Scott

  • Kate Lumpkin

  • Bryan Langlitz

  • Robert Hartwell

  • Sarah Meahl

  • Sydney Morton

  • Bryan Terrell Clark

  • Josh Burrage

  • Austin Regan

  • Schele Williams

  • Al Blackstone

  • Ashley Munzek

  • Jane Jourdan

  • Brandon Leffler

  • Hayley Podschun

  • Jack Sippel

  • Elizabeth McNeil

  • Dionne Figgins

  • Jeremy Leiner

  • Kristen Beth Williams

  • Lavon Fisher Wilson

  • Sean Patrick Doyle

  • Tony D'Alelio

  • Sheri Sanders

  • Tyler Hanes


I’m not sure I have what it takes to be a Broadway performer. How do I know if I’ve got enough talent? Is HELLO BROADWAY a good idea for someone like me, or is it pointless?

As a famous athlete once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” If you dream about being on Broadway, then we urge you to take your dream seriously. Work hard. Go for it.

Many of the top Broadway performers aren’t necessarily the most talented. They’re the most dedicated.​ They’re the ones who work hard, train daily, and refuse to give up.

There’s no way of predicting exactly what the future will hold. And even if your life ultimately takes you in other directions—composing, choreography, directing, producing, or a career outside of the performing arts—the confidence and skills that you build inside ​HELLO BROADWAY​ will set you up for success.

I can’t afford HELLO BROADWAY. Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?

No, we don’t. We have a kid named Jack who’s enrolled in ​HELLO BROADWAY​ right now. His family couldn’t afford it, so Jack started mowing lawns after school until he earned the money by himself. He’s one of our most committed, hard-working students—and he recently booked the leading role in a regional theater production of ​Newsies. (​ His first paying gig as a performer.)

Jack is fighting for his dream, even if it means working odd jobs on weekends and after school.

If money is tight, then we urge you to find your inner Jack. Be resourceful and find a way to gather the funds that you need. Do a bake sale. Mow a lawn. Make it happen. You'll be so proud that you did it. You’ve got to have skin in the game.

Who are some of the teachers I’ll be meeting?

Inside ​HELLO BROADWAY​, you’ll meet the most amazing teachers and coaches, including: Stay tuned for faculty announcement!

My life is already pretty busy. How much time do I need to set aside each week to participate in HELLO BROADWAY?

HELLO BROADWAY​ is a 12-month commitment with a new assignment to complete every week. We take off for major holidays.

After 12 months, if you've completed every single assignment, you receive a certificate of completion that you’re welcome to mention on your college applications and/or résumé.

Every student is different, but as a general guideline, we encourage you to set aside 2-4 hours a week to rehearse, post your assignment, and get feedback from your Broadway coach. If you can make even more time, great!

What if I enroll in HELLO BROADWAY but then I can’t keep going and I need to drop out?

Please don’t drop out. Please honor the commitment you’ve made to yourself, to your artistry, to your future career, and to our hardworking team of teachers and coaches. We’re showing up for you. Please show up for yourself, too. Don’t quit.

That being said, we understand that sometimes “life happens” and sometimes illnesses, moving, school and family changes can disrupt your schedule. If you’re falling behind, you can request a little more time to catch up on your assignments. We can give you a 2-month extension—free of charge. You won’t receive coaching or feedback during these extra 2 months, but you’ll still be able to log into the ​HELLO BROADWAY​ classroom to post your assignments and get caught up.

HELLO BROADWAY sounds amazing, but I’d prefer to do training in person—not online. Do you have any other programs?

Yes! Check out our ​NATIONAL TOUR​ of masterclasses in cities around the country, and our annual ​GATHERED​ event in New York City. We love the Internet, but we’d love to see your face in the offline world, too.

I want to enroll in HELLO BROADWAY, but I have a few questions first. Can I chat with someone?

Of course. ​Click here​ to schedule a free 15-minute phone call with someone on the ​HELLO BROADWAY​ team. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have.
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