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Take Master Classes every week featuring direct-from-Broadway content and then turn in a self-tape to receive constructive video feedback from your own Hello Broadway Coach.

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Hello Broadway is for you if you want...

...actual Broadway performers as your mentors.
...weekly focus on your training to really level up your musical theatre skill set.
...to jumpstart your college audition portfolio.
...to learn what to expect in audition rooms at the collegiate and professonal levels–and get absolutely ready for it.
...to build the confidence and resilient work ethic required in this industry.
...a 24/7 community of friends who are as Broadway-obsessed as you

  • I think it is amazing that we get feedback from Broadway stars. I feel that I’m improving each month and gaining a wonderful community! I think it is one of the best things I have ever done!

    Molly R.

  • The biggest things I've learned in Hello Broadway is trusting myself and talents and opening myself up to others, along with bettering my skills and finding the deeper meaning in storytelling.

    Glory P.

Inside Hello Broadway

What You Get Each Year in Hello Broadway

  • 40 Personalized Feedback Videos
    ...from your Hello Broadway Coach, giving you tailored critiques based off of your work each week.
  • 9 New Audition Songs
    ...includes digital sheet music, coaching, and rehearsal tracks!
  • 9 New Audition Monologues
    ...dramatic, comedic, and Shakespeare monologues, plus techniques from the top undergraduate and graduate school programs.
  • 9 Musical Theatre Dances
    ...including coaching, rehearsal tracks, and choreography inspired by Broadway’s most in-demand choreographers and musicals!
  • 3 Trimester Assessments
    ...after each trimester, students engage in a Structured Review and Personal Assessment to revisit the most challenging material from the past three months for a one-on-one professional review.
  • A 24/7 online community
    ...supporting you in every step of this journey, Hello Broadway gives you an online community for both students and parents.

Inside Hello Broadway

2020 Calendar



When is Hello Broadway held?

Hello Broadway is a year-round training academy divided into three trimesters. In 2020, we will enroll students at the start of the following Trimesters:

Trimester 1 starts February 3, 2020
Trimester 2 starts June 1, 2020
Trimester 3 starts October 5, 2020

Experience Hello Broadway 2 ways: with our 12-Month training or our *new* 4-Month training.

What if I can't commit to a year?

You are in luck! Starting in 2020, we are offering a 4-month option to the program! Take this opportunity to see if it works in your schedule, and from there you can decide whether you would like to join us for the full year! By participating in 4 months of our program, you will get weekly training + feedback from Broadway performers.

How does Hello Broadway work?

Each week, students complete a Master Class in a specific skill, complete a self-tape video performing the material and share the video on Canvas, our online learning platform. Each assignment that is completed on time will receive personalized, constructive video feedback from a Broadway performer.

Students in the 12-Month training will undertake a month-long Structured Review 3 times during the year (every 4 months) to assess their growth and provide actionable feedback for long-term success. Students in the 4-Month training receive 1 Structured Review in the last month. There are no weekly assignments during the Structured Review months.

What's the time commitment?

HELLO BROADWAY​ gives you a new assignment to complete every week. We are here to provide students with long-term growth and professional development, and that takes time and discipline!

Every student is different, but as a general guideline, we encourage you to set aside 2-4 hours a week to rehearse, post your assignment, and get feedback from your Broadway coach. If you can make even more time, great!

I’m not sure I have what it takes to be a Broadway performer. How do I know if I’ve got enough talent? Is Hello Broadway a good idea for someone like me, or is it pointless?

As a famous athlete once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

If you dream about being on Broadway, then we urge you to take your dream seriously. Work hard. Go for it.

Many of the top Broadway performers aren’t necessarily the most talented. They’re the most dedicated.​ They’re the ones who work hard, train daily, and refuse to give up.

There’s no way of predicting exactly what the future will hold. And even if your life ultimately takes you in other directions—composing, choreography, directing, producing, or a career outside of the performing arts—the confidence and skills that you build inside Hello Broadway will set you up for success.

What's the investment?

You can experience Hello Broadway 2 ways: the 12-Month training or our *new* 4-Month training option.

12-Month Training is 12 monthly payments of $395 or an 1 time payment of $3995. The 4-Month Training is 4 monthly payments of $450 or an 1 time payment of $1700.

This includes weekly downloadable material, personalized weekly feedback, and mentorship.

Do I need to audition?

There are no auditions for Hello Broadway.

What if I am away this summer but would still like to participate?

Not to worry! We will make sure you make up the work that you miss when you are away at your summer intensive, dance camp, or at Gathered! You will be sent a new schedule of when those assignments will be due and you will still receive feedback on your work!

HELLO BROADWAY sounds amazing, but I’d prefer to do training in person—not online. Do you have any other programs?

Yes! Check out our annual ​GATHERED​ event in New York City. We love the Internet, but we’d love to see your face in the offline world, too.
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Acting Master Class

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Get the repertoire, technique, and coaching network that will make you stand out in the audition room and on the stage.

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Summer School Enrollment

Coursework begins June 1st, 2020

4-month training

Enrollment Period: June–Sept 2020

Pay Monthly
  • $450/month for 4 months

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Pay in Full
  • One time payment of $1700 (Saves you $100!)

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12-month training

Enrollment Period: June 2020 – June 2021

Pay Monthly
  • $395/month for 12 months

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Pay in Full
  • One time payment of $3995 (Saves you $750!)

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