1) Self-Tape Audition

You must include the following in your video:

+ SLATE // Your name, home city, school and age.
+ SONG // Please sing a 16-bar cut from the options provided via THIS LINK. Please choose the song that you think best represents you, your voice, and your talents. You will sing along with a provided track that you will need to play from a speaker near you. Please do not play the track on the computer and/or phone you are filming with. It will be too loud and we won’t be able to hear you!
+ DANCE // Please do a double pirouette on the right and left, a step grand battement on the right and left to the front and to the side (devant and second).
Examples: Pirouette | Grand Battement
+ PERSONAL STATEMENT // Tell us in one minute why you want to come to GATHERED NYC.

Please film all of these things, in one take, in the order listed above. Then UPLOAD VIDEO TO THE INTERNET in a compiled, unlisted Vimeo or Youtube link.
2) Fill Out the Application Below

In the last section of the application form, you will include the link to your self-tape video and upload your headshot + resume.
1 Student + Parent Information
2 Availability
3 Audition Materials
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