Real talk: do you dream about being on Broadway?

You can't just wish for it.

You have to work for it.

See if you have what it takes in 2 months with Hello Broadway Incubator

HELLO BROADWAY INCUBATOR is an online program for Broadway dreamers who want to test their Musical Theatre training commitment level.
This is a mini version of our 12-Month Hello Broadway program: 8 weeks of Vocal, Dance, Acting, and Mentorship content + one-on-one coaching from real Broadway performers.

Pssst! This is NYC Casting Director Kate Lumpkin!
She's one of your coaches!

This is for you if you want...

...actual Broadway performers as your mentors in an online classroom – log in from your computer or smart phone from anywhere, no need to even leave your house! assignments to strengthen your Dance, Vocal, and Acting skills.

...a taste of what’s required to “make it” in the performing arts industry.

...a jumpstart to your college audition portfolio. build confidence, time management, a resilient work ethic, and a tribe of awesome friends—people who might become your future college roommates, castmates, or collaborators.

Pssst! This is NYC Casting Director Kate Lumpkin!
She's one of your coaches!

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I think it is amazing that we get feedback from Broadway stars. I feel that I’m improving each month and gaining a wonderful community! I think it is one of the best things I have ever done!

Molly R.

What has helped me more than anything is the life lessons Hello Broadway has taught me. It's helped me grow as a performer and be more confident. It is a lot of work but it is so worth it!

Kara V.

Watch the weekly instructional videos through our interactive Incubator App – practice and record yourself performing that week’s assignment, then upload your video at the end of the week to get helpful personalized feedback from your coach.


that's included:

Dance Training

Learn choreography from Broadway’s most in-demand choreographers and musicals, from the Broadway performers who danced it nightly.

Vocal Training

Sheet music, MP3s, song analysis, plus vocal warm ups.

Acting Training

Work monologues ranging from dramatic to comedic, using techniques from the top undergraduate and graduate school programs in the country.

6 Personalized Feedback Videos

...weekly from your Broadway Coach giving you personally tailored critiques based off of your posted work from the week.

2 Musical Theatre Dances

includes choreography, coaching, and rehearsal tracks.

2 Audition Songs

includes sheet music, coaching, and rehearsal tracks.

2 Audition Monologues

includes coaching and scene study, 1 dramatic and 1 comedic.

2 Mentorship Sessions

with Broadway Industry Experts

2 Group Coaching Sessions

with your Broadway Coach and fellow Hello Broadway Incubator classmates.

1 Final Assessment

After the 8 weeks, we engage in a Structured Review + Personal Assessment with your Hello Broadway Incubator Coach.
Plus– Daily Support

Need a pep talk?
Got a victory you wanna share?

Your ​INCUBATOR community is online + available every day!

Reality Check:

If an 8-week online program like HBI sounds like "too much time" or "too hard," then this career is probably not for you.

But if there's a fire in your heart–and a willingness to put in the work–then join this program!

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Honestly before Hello Broadway, I was so scared of being on stage. But I have been able to open up and now I’m not only confident in my singing, but my acting and dancing as well! This program has brought me so much wisdom and experience that I missed out on – I only started theater last year!

Joseph K.

The biggest things I've learned in Hello Broadway is trusting myself and talents and opening myself up to others, along with bettering my skills and finding the deeper meaning in storytelling.

Glory P.

Your Coaches + Mentors

  • Robert Hartwell

    Founder + Artistic Director

  • Kate Lumpkin, CSA

    Assistant Director

  • Jason Gotay

    Broadway Performer

  • Sydney Morton

    Broadway Performer

  • Bryan Langlitz

    Broadway Performer

  • Afra Hines

  • Timothy Hughes

  • Tyler McKenzie

    Broadway Performer

  • Desi Oakley

  • Max Clayton

    Broadway Performer

  • Kimberly Marable

    Broadway Performer

  • Leslie Flesner

    Broadway Performer

Hello Broadway has helped me be more confident in my singing and acting. The teachers give me feedback that I understand and am able to process quickly. I love it so much, but there is a lot of work! You have to be willing to put the effort in!

Susan F.

Before I started Hello Broadway, I felt like I was "good enough" and played things safe. Now, I have learned to take risks and create a story in everything I do. I think I am a completely different person/performer than I was a year ago. I have also found people who are like me and understand me. No one at my school has the same passion that I do, and here I am connected with people who are just as enthusiastic about theatre as me.

Gabriella M.

I used to be terrified to watch myself perform, but through Hello Broadway, I have gotten past that fear. I’ve also been so inspired by everyone in this group to always reach out. This group means so much to me!

Lissa P.

Before I felt like I was just an actor who would sing and dance for fun, but after almost a year of Hello Broadway, I feel more comfortable calling myself a triple threat! Hello Broadway has taught me that I have a lot of work to do to achieve my dreams, but it's given me the resources and empowerment to get there. I've learned so much about how to effectively manage my time. My confidence has skyrocketed since I started this program.

Kiana H.


Is this program right for me?
Before you buy a car, you take it for a test drive.
Before you purchase Broadway show tickets, you read the reviews.
Before you get a gym membership, you do a two-week trial period.

Common sense, right?

And yet, so many students invest $200,000 in a 4-year college Musical Theatre BFA degree before testing to see if this investment actually makes sense.

My advice: Test before you invest.

Really test your commitment level. Are you 100% committed to pursuing a career in the performing arts—or just halfway committed? Are you willing to wake up at 6 am for extra training? Are you willing to wash cars and mow lawns to earn money for private voice lessons? Are you willing to carve a few extra hours every week to work on your weak areas and give yourself that competitive edge? If not, that is okay! There is another beautiful career out there for you! But I’d rather you have that information now—rather than several years from now when you’re drowning in student loan debt with a degree you couldn’t commit to.

One way to test your Musical Theatre training commitment level is by enrolling in Hello Broadway Incubator.

What is Hello Broadway Incubator?
Hello Broadway Incubator is an 8-week online training program for students who want to coach and be mentored by Broadway performers. For 2 months, students take weekly online Master Classes in singing, dancing, acting, and artistic mentorship. After completing and uploading a weekly assignment to our private interactive online portal, our team of Broadway coaches, give personalized weekly feedback to each student on their work and monitors their growth throughout the 2 months. Hello Broadway Incubator also provides an incredible online community for both students and parents, where we encourage our students to create meaningful relationships and to learn from their peers. Hello Broadway Incubator offers a final assessment in the final week to see if students are a right fit for the 12 month Hello Broadway program.
On the first of the month students receive all 4 Master Classes for the month so that they can plan their learning on their schedule. The time commitment is 2 hours a week. Every week students complete a new master class in dance, voice, acting, or artistic mentorship. After attending your online class, you will film and upload your homework to our private interactive online portal where you will receive weekly personalized feedback from one of our Broadway coaches. All you need to make Hello Broadway Incubator work is an internet connection, a smart phone, and two hours a week to do the work. Not only are our students honing their skills, they are also developing a widely diverse audition repertoire that will serve them both in the college audition process and beyond. If you're looking to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre -- Hello Broadway Incubator is the ultimate start. See you in the Incubator!
What's the investment?
Hello Broadway Incubator is two monthly payments of $395. Or save $100 by paying $595 in full. This includes weekly downloadable material, personalized weekly feedback, and mentorship.
I’m not sure I have what it takes to be a Broadway performer. How do I know if I’ve got enough talent? Is HELLO BROADWAY INCUBATOR a good idea for someone like me, or is it pointless?
As a famous athlete once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

If you dream about being on Broadway, then we urge you to take your dream seriously. Work hard. Go for it.

Many of the top Broadway performers aren’t necessarily the most talented. They’re the most dedicated. They’re the ones who work hard, train daily, and refuse to give up.

There’s no way of predicting exactly what the future will hold. And even if your life ultimately takes you in other directions—composing, choreography, directing, producing, or a career outside of the performing arts—the confidence and skills that you build inside HELLO BROADWAY INCUBATOR will set you up for success.

I can’t afford HELLO BROADWAY INCUBATOR. Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?
No, we don’t. We have a student who’s enrolled in HELLO BROADWAY 12-MONTH PROGRAM right now. His family couldn’t afford it, so he started mowing lawns after school until he earned the money by himself. He’s one of our most committed, hard-working students—and he recently booked the leading role in a regional theater production of Newsies. (His first paying gig as a performer.)

He is fighting for his dream, even if it means working odd jobs on weekends and after school.

If money is tight, then we urge you to find your inner fight. Be resourceful and find a way to gather the funds that you need. Do a bake sale. Mow a lawn. Make it happen. You'll be so proud that you did it. You’ve got to have skin in the game.

Who are some of the teachers I'll be meeting?
Inside ​HELLO BROADWAY INCUBATOR​, you’ll meet the most amazing teachers and coaches. Click here to see our faculty!
My life is already pretty busy. How much time do I need to set aside each week to participate in HELLO BROADWAY?
HELLO BROADWAY INCUBATOR is a 2-month commitment with a new assignment to complete weekly. We encourage you to set aside 2 hours a week to rehearse, post your assignment, and get feedback from your Broadway coach. If you can make even more time, great!
What if I enroll in HELLO BROADWAY INCUBATOR but then I can’t keep going and I need to drop out?
Please don’t drop out. Please honor the commitment you’ve made to yourself, to your artistry, to your future career, and to our hardworking team of teachers and coaches. We’re showing up for you. Please show up for yourself, too. Don’t quit.

That being said, we understand that sometimes “life happens” and sometimes illnesses, moving, school and family changes can disrupt your schedule but friend it’s 8 weeks. You are given all of your master classes for the month on the 1st of the month so you can plan accordingly.

If you say you want this dream you’re going to have to do the work and that work requires sacrifice. I know that’s a scary word, but that’s how champions are made. Will you wake up 30 minutes earlier in the morning for your dream? If you won’t - someone will.

HELLO BROADWAY INCUBATOR sounds amazing, but I’d prefer to do training in person—not online. Do you have any other programs?
Yes! Check out our annual GATHERED event in New York City. We love the Internet, but we’d love to see your face in the offline world, too.
I want to enroll in HELLO BROADWAY INCUBATOR but I have a few questions first. Can I chat with someone?
Of course. You can email us at or call the office at 646.801.0773.

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Hello Broadway has taught me about gratitude and appreciation, and the importance of being able to take constructive criticism and apply it. I have grown as a performer and human being, and I feel more capable in most aspects of my life because of it.

Sarah F.

Getting feedback from people who actually do what you want to be doing later in life is AMAZING. They really know what it takes. You get an opportunity to hone in on the places that might need more work in a no judgement environment where everyone is supporting each other and there is only room to grow. Hello Broadway is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Casey R.

The mentorship in Hello Broadway has been incredible. I've gotten such great audition advice and love the detailed individual feedback. It's a great supplement for me in what I feel that my training is lacking at the moment, for it truly provides the whole package and addresses all areas of artistic and personal development.

Christina T.

I'm really loving all the content! All of the classes have been a huge challenge for me one way or another, but I can see the improvements in myself and all the fields that I’ve been working on!

Madi B.

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