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Prescreen Prep

1-On-1 Coaching • Professional Filming • Headshots • Styling

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Most BFA Musical Theatre Programs are More Competitive Than Harvard?


Because not only do you have to have the vocal ferocity, the dance ability, and the acting chops, you have to 1) have a polished audition package that showcases all of that, and 2) be strong academically.

And this is even before you get to audition in person. Let's see Harvard ask their students to step-ball-change and belt a high C along with their test scores!

Over 97% of our Prescreen Prep students in 2019 and 2020 got accepted to a top school, with an average scholarship of $50K per student.

The Blueprint For College Audition Success

Prescreen Prep is the Complete College Audition Package for the Musical Theatre Prescreen.
Prescreen Prep takes the mystery, the struggle, and the stress out of the college audition prescreen process and helps you get into the BFA program of your dreams. Period.

Too good to be true? Watch the quick video 🙂

What You Get

5 Weeks of Online Repertoire Training
3 Songs, 3 Monologues, 3 Dances chosen by your personal Broadway coaches to showcase your strengths and who you are as an artist

Private Coaching + Feedback
So you’re absolutely confident about your choices when it comes time to film your prescreens

Personal Wardrobe Styling Session
So that you look your absolute best for filming and headshots

Prescreen Video Production + Editing
Your prescreen audition is produced by a world-class videographer with only the best audio and video equipment–and your coaches are with you the whole time!

Professional Headshot Session
2 Looks, 2 Retouched Final High Res Images

Resume + College Essay Workshop
So that your resume and essay are clear, professional, and hit all the expected standards


You will join our team of video + photo professionals along with your coaches in NYC to film your audition materials and shoot your gorgeous new headshots
Saturday October 7th from 8am - 8pm.
I am just so blessed to have had the opportunity to do Prescreen Prep. The Broadway Collective has seen me all the way through from high school and now they are helping me get to college. This is such a full circle moment for me. Now going into my senior year I feel prepared more than ever to apply for college and begin adulthood.


97% of our Prescreen Prep Students passed prescreens or were accepted into a college theatre program.
My biggest fear was allowing my anxiety about the college process to take over and get the best of me. Prescreen Prep helped me with this by guiding me through the entire process start to finish.


My biggest fear was not knowing what I didn’t know. The BEST part of Prescreen Prep is having all of your materials right in front of you - not only that, you will be professionally coached on your materials! You are in GREAT hands!


Although the focus is applying to college, this program has value that goes beyond that with amazing material picked specifically for you and wonderful coaches who will make you feel strong in your performance. No matter what happens next, Prescreen Prep has not only made me feel more confident and happy in my work and material, but it has shown me that the only person that can hold me from success is myself.


How It Works

Each Student Receives

1-on-1 Vocal Coach
To select and coach 3 songs

1-on-1 Dance Coach
To choreograph and coach 3 dances

Personal Wardrobe Styling Session
So that you look your absolute best for filming and headshots

1-on-1 Acting Coach
To select and coach 3 monologues


Wardrobe Stylist, Headshot Photographer, Videographer, Essay Editor, and Wellness Coach

5 Weeks of Online Private Coaching Leading Up to Filming Weekend


Material Selection + Essay + Resume


Vocal Coaching Week


Acting Coaching Week


Dance Coaching Week


Putting It All Together
2023 Filming Schedule in NYC

Saturday October 7

8AM - 8PM
The Prescreen Prep Results Are In!

Select list of schools where students passed prescreens / got accepted:

Carnegie Mellon

University of Michigan

The Boston Conservatory

New York University

Marymount Manhattan College

Point Park University

Penn State University

Syracuse University

Otterbein University

Manhattan School of Music

Emerson College

Know that the prescreen process does NOT need to be stressful. My biggest fear going into this process was auditioning on camera. But Prescreen Prep gave me everything I needed – professional training from the best teachers and materials that were perfectly suited for my own personal skills and personality. And the actual process of recording each video was so much fun! Every coach did a great job of making me feel right at home and have a great time.


Prescreen Prep is an incredible tool to have because it not only helps you with filming prescreens but provides you with material and repertoire that is specifically chosen for you! It really takes so much stress and pressure off of you so that you focus on where you need to be. Having the help from the coaches really allowed me to discover repertoire and techniques that made my performance more profound and made me feel like I’ve grown compared to my first prescreen attempt.


The best part of Prescreen Prep is that you have professionals in the industry picking your repertoire as well as coaching you on your materials. It is such a supportive environment where everyone truly wants you to succeed! I truly couldn’t have done it without this program. Not only do you get your rep picked but you get it professionally filmed, coached and you get new headshots and help on your college essay!! You are able to get everything done early so not only can you apply early but you can feel relieved and less stressed knowing it’s done.


To other parents, don’t hesitate. Know that you will go home after the final weekend with such high praise for the coaching, filming, photography, and support teams. The care and professionalism shown to all the kids and parents is unmatched! The biggest benefit was keeping these new seniors accountable for each step of the process. The coordinated 5 weeks of prep was staged out so that they could concentrate on each aspect of their training with a coach, hit a deadline, and move on to the next. This is worth its weight in gold! The on-site coaching and professional teams were a blessing!

Lisa, Parent

As the parent of a Musical Theatre university freshman, I urge you to consider this opportunity. If you’re a HS senior whose serious about the MT college audition process, the Prescreen Prep team could make all the difference in your college options!

David, Parent

The biggest benefit of Prescreen Prep was the preparedness all the way through! The resume, headshot, college essay, transcripts, letters of recommendation, vocal selections, dance selection and monologue selection! Prescreen Prep literally helped her prepare ALL OF THAT! DO IT! It’s worth it!

Jamie, Parent

As a parent who went through this alone last year and didn’t understand this musical theater world, Prescreen Prep is invaluable! The 5 weeks of training in exactly the material you will be recording for prescreens with professionals is priceless. And at time of recording: EVERYTHING is in ONE central location! No running around the city to seek out monologue coaches, dance coaches & Voice coaches. They are ALL IN ONE PLACE! Stress-free for both student and parent! Win-win for all!

Carolyn, Parent

Prescreen Prep. is the best investment we’ve made and now it’s all done and ready to send off to his colleges! From start to finish, they have been there. Joseph now has absolutely beautiful headshots, resumes, audition materials, and personal essays. He had professional training all along the way from his Prescreen Prep coaches so that by the time it was time for the videos, he was ready to go!

Angie, Parent

Prescreen Prep took all the stress out of the process! Where we live there is no “one stop shop” for prescreens. Where else can you get a professional headshot, videos, choreography and the wisdom of the people who run the top musical theater programs in the country!

Jen, Parent

Prescreen Prep so well worth it. The expertise and support you receive is priceless. The biggest benefit is having professionals in the industry choose the correct fit for what your child needs to showcase themselves. Definitely do it!

Gary, Parent


Will Prescreen Prep be in person this year?
Yes! Our 2023 Session will have a live filming weekend in NYC, October 7, 2023.

Do we get to choose our material?
Your Broadway coaches will help you choose your material! Based on materials and information that you submit to us, your coaches will work with you to select 3 songs, 3 monologues, and 2 dances that will highlight your strengths in the audition room.

Do I have to be Senior in high school in order to do Prescreen Prep?
You must be a Senior or someone who is applying to college musical theatre programs this fall. Perhaps you are someone who is taking a gap year before heading to college. Wonderful! You can totally join us. You simply need to be someone who is applying to and auditioning for colleges in the 2023/2024 school year.

How many coaches will I have?
You will have an acting, vocal and dancing coach assigned to you your entire journey… along with a wellness coach, stylist, headshot photographer, videographer and essay editor to help you shine!

Will Prescreen Prep get me into my dream school?
As we say here at The Broadway Collective, "Prescreen Prep is NOT a magic wand." We provide you with ALL of the materials that you will need to succeed... but at the end of the day, YOU are the one who will need to put in the work! The students who have the most success in our program are the ones who commit themselves fully to the work.

What if I can't afford Prescreen Prep?
We have many students who have the same worry when it comes to raising funds! Robert brings some great insight into how you can raise the money for the future you want! Click here!

What if I don't have the time to do PSP?
We can help! Click here!

What if I'm not good enough for PSP?
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How do I get my parents onboard?
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Does online training really work?
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What parents + Students Say about Prescreen Prep

Registration Ends Friday August 25th at 5pm EST