“I don't think I can afford Gathered.”​
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Broadway’s Ultimate Online Summer Intensive

How do we bring Broadway back and you closer to it?
Safely train from home this summer.
So...if you want to BUILD YOUR MUSICAL THEATRE SKILLS, TRAIN WITH BROADWAY A-LISTERS & DISCOVER YOUR CAREER PATH TO BROADWAY on the industry’s leading online learning platform, there’s only one option...GATHERED.

What is Gathered?

8 weeks of online prepwork before the virtual week

How do you succeed on Broadway? Preparation, preparation, preparation. Same with Gathered. We give students 8 weeks of artistic prep work, covering classic and contemporary Broadway genres. We make sure each student is 100% prepared to have a successful experience during Gathered.

A week of Life-Changing live online Training

6 back-to-back days of intensive training. Morning ’til dusk. Dance, singing, acting, as well as audition techniques, vocal health, and more—we cover it all. You will be stunned by how much you grow in 6 days.

Daily Fitness Conditioning + Wellness Sessions

Being a performing artist is like being an elite athlete—it’s physically and emotionally demanding. During Gathered, start every morning with cardio bursts and core-strengthening to set you up for a powerful day. From audition anxiety to coping with pressure and stress, our licensed therapist is here to support you with the unique challenges you face as a young artist.

Mentorship from Broadway Artists

What’s it like to live in NYC? How do you become a Dance Captain? What’s the starting salary for a Broadway ensemble cast member? And what is Idina Menzel like in real life?! Students attend nightly “Dine and Learn” sessions with Broadway performers. Bring all your questions. Get answers.

Squad Goals

Meet Broadway-obsessed students—like you! When you hang with ambitious, hard-working students, it motivates you to be your absolute best. At Gathered, build relationships with people who become close friends, colleagues, peers, mentors—people you might end up auditioning for (or working with) in the future.

Swag Box

We mail you the official Gathered swag box! Includes your t-shirt, student workbook, parent workbook, pencils, water bottle, stress ball, and a few exciting surprises!

Marketing for Actors

As a young artist, you need strong dance, voice, and acting skills. You also need an impressive online presence including a website, headshots, resume, and personal brand that stands out. In the weeks leading up to Gathered, students work with a stylist, get a virtual photo shoot via Zoom with a top NYC photographer, and learn how to create a website and distinctive brand identity.

Business of the Business

Musical theatre is a $1.8 billion dollar industry. Broadway performers earn six-figure and multi-six-figure salaries. We educate students on how this industry works, different career options and paths you can take, and how to make it in this competitive field.

Sharechase Performance

Gathered culminates in a Sharecase performance where you show off what you’ve learned. Go full out. Hold nothing back. This is your time to shine. Family and friends are invited to watch, along with Broadway artists and industry professionals.

POP Planner

The POP Planner stands for “Process Over Product,” and it is The Broadway Collective’s exclusive and one-of-a-kind agenda book designed just for our students! The POP Planner changes the way you view the week ahead with a Time Study, Monthly Milestone Checkpoints, a Habit Tracker, and more! 

Self-Tape Bootcamp

It’s common for colleges and casting directors to request that you submit a self-taped video audition. We break down the do’s and don’ts of self-taping—how to choose material that showcases your strengths, how to get your lighting and sound just right, everything you need to know.

Personalized Attention + Small Groups

Students are divided into pods based on age, and train in groups of 40 and break-out sessions of 10. “Dine and learn” dinners with Faculty members have no more than 10 students per group. You’ll know your peers and coaches on a first-name basis. By the end of Gathered, these people are no longer strangers—they’re family.

why we’re staying virtual


We are still in a pandemic.

New York City simply isn’t ready for visiting families to assemble in person this summer.
Our community is actively preparing for Broadway to return and we are going to do our part to protect our families and Broadway by staying virtual.

The good news? We are the leaders in online Musical Theatre Education. While most companies have just figured out the online space, we’ve been doing this (and getting students massive award-winning results) for 5 years.

Last summer we presented Gathered online and it was so successful that 70% of our alumni are returning to do it online again this summer.

Nobody does online education, attention, and connection like The Broadway Collective.

summer camp is cute.

gathered is broadway bootcamp.

Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer! Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer! Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer! Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer! Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer! Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer! Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer! Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer! Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer! Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer! Bringing Broadway Back – by Staying Safe This Summer!
“I was surprised by how well I was able to connect with the students and teachers through a screen. It almost felt like we were there in person!

Tomi, gathered Student

The virtual experience is amazing. I would tell someone who says it couldn’t work online to take a leap of faith and experience it, allow it to change you. The work WORKS!”

Jackson, gathered Student

No other program is going to prepare you as accurately for a professional life in theatre as Gathered does!”

Jessy, gathered Student

Gathered is the best place to show you the reality of making it in this industry. Trust the process, trust the people, and trust yourself that you can do great things.”

Glory, gathered Student

The training is unlike anything else you will experience. Gathered can be a little intense sometimes, but it is definitely a necessity. Not to mention the amazing new group of friends you get!”

Ashley, gathered Student

“Gathered absolutely changed my life. Give it your all and I promise you won’t regret it.

mackenzie, gathered Student

To anyone who doesn't believe it would work online, allow yourself to be surprised and your expectations to be exceeded!”

Ellie, gathered Student

I was amazed by the success of the online program. My daughter was energized even though she was in front of a screen all day! Having access to people in smaller groups was an amazing benefit of being online. She would definitely not hesitate to do the program again online, and I wouldn't hesitate to support that decision.”

Michelle, Parent to Lilly

“You will be pushed to reach new realizations in your artistry. Say YES to this life-changing opportunity!

Allison, gathered Student

“TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY! There are not enough words to explain how amazing this experience is.

Ella, gathered Student

“You have a lot to work on at Gathered but they will show you that you also have a lot that should be celebrated. Gathered lets you do all of that!

Essence, gathered Student

Gathered is the most rewarding experience of your life. I found a new part of myself that I didn’t know existed.”

Kathryn, gathered Student

Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home! Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home! Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home! Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home! Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home! Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home! Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home! Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home! Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home! Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home! Safely Train With Broadway Directors, Choreographer, and Casting Directors from Home!

When is gathered?

Session 1

June 15-20

Coursebook begins April 19
Session 2

june 22-27

Coursebook begins April 26
Session 3

July 27-aug 1

Coursebook begins May 31
Session 4

Aug 3-8

Coursebook begins June 7

The Gathered Coursebook

8 Weeks of Prep / Self-paced 3-5 hours per week

LIVE online WEEK

Who TEACHES you at Gathered?

The Best of Broadway

Click below to see Gathered 2021 Faculty

Laura Osnes

from Bandstand

Solea Pfeiffer

from Evita

Ciara Renée

from Frozen

John Eric Parker

Wardrobe Styling Sessions

Josh Burrage

from A Bronx Tale

Erika Henningsen

from Mean Girls

Aisha Jackson

from Frozen

Amber Iman

from Shuffle Along

Ben Cook

from Speilberg's West Side Story

Kara Lindsay

from Newsies

Ramone Owens

from Bettlejuice

Taylor Trensch

from Dear Evan Hansen

Beth Leavel

from The Prom

Izzy Mccalla

from Aladdin

Vasthy Mompoint

from Spongebob Square Pants

I feel like these kids are getting the opportunity of a lifetime at Gathered. The fact that they get to hone their skills and continue to make their dream a reality is just really exciting. I wish I would have had that as a kid.”

Laura Osnes, Tony Award Nominated Broadway Performer

If I could have had a program like this, I would have had way more confidence that I knew what I was doing. Getting to work with Broadway performers would have been a huge opportunity to understand what it's like to work on Broadway, how hard it is, and how amazing and rewarding it can be.”

Taylor Louderman, Broadway Performer

“I wish Gathered was around when I was a kid. I would have been so much more prepared going to auditions! These kids have a huge leg up on everybody else. I'm quite jealous to be honest!

Jason Sparks, Broadway Director/Choreographer

“If I had a program like Gathered, I think my training would have expedited from the beginning. You start at such a high level so early on that it almost surpasses what any school or any other regional theater can teach you.”

Jack Sippel, Broadway Dance Captain

“The way everyone supports each other and is rooting for each other and celebrating success, but also celebrating mistakes and failures is what makes the students at Gathered so special, and this program so unique.”

Taylor Trensch, Tony Award Winning Broadway Performer

“I'm so excited to be a part of Gathered because this is a group of kids that is incredibly disciplined, passionate, and talented. That combination makes them the most exciting to teach and be around.

Solea Pfieffer, Broadway Performer

“Robert Hartwell was one of my first teachers: he is supportive and kind, but he's going to make you work your butt off and he will not settle for less than your best. How he creates a classroom atmosphere is how every teacher should: which is why I got involved immediately when he asked!

Erika Henningsen, Broadway Performer

I love the culmination at Gathered of all the artists coming together to really impart on these young people how important training is, and how important critical feedback is to help them start their careers.”

Kelcy Griffin, Broadway Performer

payment options

Invest in your future–You’re worth it!

robert Hartwell

In 2020, Broadway shut down.

But you know what happened? Team Collective got to work. We knew we were the leaders in online Musical Theatre education and made a vow to show up for our Broadway community, families we get to serve, and team.

You can’t keep NYC down.

But you know what happens when Broadway comes back stronger? The requirements, demands, and expectations then become greater.

When I opened The Broadway Collective in 2016, I had a dream to connect students from all over the world with Broadway directors, choreographers, and casting directors. I didn’t want Gathered to be “another summer camp” so I knew rigorous training with clear expectations, process, and a core curriculum had to be our foundation.

That didn’t stop last summer online because of the pandemic and it won’t stop now.

It’s simple: nobody does online Musical Theatre education like us.

And as long as there is breath in my body I will be looking for students who want to be active participants in shaping their futures.

This summer at Gathered 2021 we’re looking for workers. We’re not after perfection or excuses. We’re looking for students who want to go deeper in their training and are ready to meet their fear with a newfound resiliency and work ethic.

I know on the other side of doing this work together there will be a confidence that will be unshakeable. I know it’s an investment, but I promise you one thing: if you do the work, your future will be transformed because THE WORK WORKS.

I’m so ready for you to experience Gathered.

And as always – if you need help, ask me a question here and I’ll get right back to you!

My all,

Robert Hartwell

Founder + Artistic Director
The Broadway Collective

OuR gathered Partners

The POP Planner stands for “Process Over Product,” and it is The Broadway Collective’s exclusive and one-of-a-kind agenda book designed just for our students! The POP Planner changes the way you view the week ahead with a Time Study, Monthly Milestone Checkpoints, a Habit Tracker, and more!

Chieko Watanabe will bring your POP Planner to life as your productivity coach. Reflecting on your past planning and reframing how you will make healthy changes moving forward is essential to growing as a person and as a performer. Productivity coaching will take your time management, self-care, and training at Gathered to the next level!

Developed by a team of coaches, psychologists, and educators—along with input from teens—BOLD is a unique 7-week program for teens to build confidence and self-esteem, create a healthy body image, and establish positive habits that last a lifetime.

The BOLD mission is to help teens feel strong, confident, and powerful. We’re creating a generation of young people who are ready to stand tall, use their voices, advocate for themselves, go after their dreams, and make history.

Certified BOLD Facilitator Elizabeth McNeil will be leading the students through the 7 week program in the Coursebook along with the Live Week of Gathered.

We are teaching our students at Gathered how to market their skills even as an artist-at-home. Launch To Land helps students create and launch their own website so they can start presenting themselves as the professional up-and-coming performers they are! Students will walk away with a valuable working knowledge of how to take control of and take pride in their digital presence because ultimately: your name is your brand and we’re gonna give you the tools to own it at Gathered.

Launch to Land was created by The Broadway Collective Brand Architect Becca Haden.

The Tony Award-winning Broadway Inspirational Voices (BIV) is a diverse, professional choir of Broadway artists, united to change lives through the power of music and service.

This summer our Gathered students will coach and perform a special ensemble piece from BIV’s Broadway Our Way series.

In addition to numerous concerts, the Grammy-nominated choir has performed with award-winning artists such as Mariah Carey, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, STING, Elton John, Vanessa Williams, Heather Headley, Billy Porter. BIV has been featured on The David Letterman Show, The Rosie O’Donnell Christmas Special, multiple Tony Awards telecasts, Smash and America’s Got Talent.

Our official fitness sponsor is Core Rhythm Fitness. Every morning students will begin their day with the CRF Team who train Broadway’s biggest names.

Core Rhythm Fitness specializes in mind, body, and spirit transformation. Renowned as Broadway’s and New York City’s fitness hub, they are a boutique fitness and nutrition company dedicated to manifesting remarkable and sustainable results.

Founded in 2012 by CEO, Rodrick Covington, CRF is based in SoHo, New York City. Rodrick believes the best way to transform the body is through the core. Pilates and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) methodology builds core strength and creates alignment in the body for our students at Gathered.


Gathered is a rigorous, exciting musical theatre training program—delivered online. Train from home or wherever you are. No travel needed. 

Students receive 8 weeks of preparation work followed by 6 back-to-back days of intensive training. Dance, singing, acting, audition techniques, fitness conditioning classes, vocal health, wellness coaching, career mentorship, and more. 

Classes are led by Broadway artists, choreographers, and casting directors. 

Learn from the best in the industry. We gather’s NYC’s top artists and bring their brilliance to you!

Gathered is for serious, committed young artists. If musical theatre is your greatest passion and you want to pursue a career in this field, then you belong at Gathered.

This is an experience that shapes you into a stronger artist and a more focused, committed student and human being.

We accept students aged 12-25 into Gathered. There are only 60 spots per class. We recommend new students have an intermediate-to advanced-level skill set in voice, acting, and dance technique. Dancers will be pushed to sing. Singers will be pushed to dance. Everyone will do it all… because that’s how we roll on Broadway!

You don’t need to be the “perfect” dancer, vocalist, or actor. If you are ready to work hard, willing to push yourself to achieve more than you thought you were capable of, and want to fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle of a performing arts professional for a week – you belong at Gathered!

Yes. The Broadway Collective develops curriculum that is individually catered to each program. Gathered curriculum is research-based training to give students real insight into what training for, and pursuing a career on Broadway looks and feels like.

The Hello Broadway trifecta is built around skills-based training. If you are seeking to independently train your voice, acting, and dance skill sets, visit this link and learn more about how you can get year-round focus on your performing arts development and weekly mentorship with Broadway performers.

No. There are no auditions for Gathered. 

We recommend that students have intermediate- to advanced skills in voice, acting, and dance technique. 

If you’re not sure if you meet this criteria, email us at hello at bwaycollective dot com to discuss your situation. 

You don’t need to be a “perfect” dancer, vocalist, or actor. We’re not looking for perfection. We’re looking for determination, passion, heart, spirit, and a willingness to put in the work and improve. 

It’s okay if you’re a strong dancer but a shaky singer, or a fantastic actor who rarely dances, or vice versa. Come to Gathered. Let’s get to work on making you a well-rounded performer. That’s what we’re here for.

*Pay In Full and save $500 with a one time investment of $5495

*Pay Over Time with a deposit of $495 and 4 monthly payments of $1375

Enrollment includes 8 weeks  of preparation work followed by 6 days of intensive, all-day-long masterclass training—plus your Gathered swag box, student (and parent) workbook, our exclusive audition collection (an arsenal of 16-bar audition songs and MP3 tracks), water bottle, towel, and lots of surprises.

In addition to the virtual live week of all-day-long masterclass training and 8 weeks of online curriculum, student tuition includes a physical coursebook, 5 days of Swag (the official uniforms for Gathered), all sheet music, and a parent workbook. Students will end Gathered with 6 new mp3s + sheet music for their audition portfolio and a new or updated website through Launch to Land.

In the 8 weeks leading up to Gathered, students will be mentored and prepare for the live intensive within our private online community. This will require a 3-5 hour commitment within the student’s schedule and time.

The online work will be research- and performance-based. Students will research the industry and the Broadway professionals they will be coaching and dining with during Gathered. On the performance side, students will prepare the songs and monologues they will perform at the virtual event.

A physical coursebook will deliver by mail three months before the start of the session. This coursebook contains research and technique assignments that assure students are mentally and physically prepared for our live week together.

Here’s a look at what we will cover in the Coursebook: 

Week 1: Golden Age Uptempo Song 

Week 2: Golden Age Ballad Song 

Week 3: Contemporary Uptempo Song 

Week 4: Contemporary Ballad Song 

Week 5: Monologues 

Week 6: Launch to Land

Week 7: Bold Program

Week 8: Virtual Prep

Homework is due weekly on Sunday by 5pm EST. 

Session 1: June 15-20

Weekly Webinars – Sunday April 18 – Sunday June 13

Session 2: June 22-27

Weekly Webinars – Sunday April 25th – Sunday June 20

Session 3: July 27-Aug 1

Weekly Webinars – Sunday May 30th – Sunday July 25th

Session 4: August 3-8

Weekly Webinars – Sunday June 6 – Sunday August 1

You bet it does! We have been the leading online Broadway training program for the past few years! And we know what it takes to train online successfully! Let Robert give you some insight on the link below!



If this is you, we have excellent resources for you to follow! Robert gives wonderful insight in the best ways to save, to be able to come to Gathered! 


There are no scholarships for Gathered. We encourage our students to be active participants in financially making their dreams a reality by fundraising. The truth is that we find a way to make Disney, iPhones, and Nikes fit in our budget. We must do the same for arts education.

We’ve gathered ​10 Fundraising Ideas to help you save up and make your Broadway Collective training a financial possibility! Also: here is a free copy of Robert’s ebook 10 Ways to Carve Out Time & Money.

And yes, we’ve had several students reach their fundraising goals because they made the commitment to overcome their circumstances. Whether it’s babysitting, mowing lawns, getting a part-time job after school, or crowdsourcing your funding, there’s a way to make this happen. You’ve got this!

We don’t believe in the word “can’t”. We want you to become a more versatile performer.

The most successful Broadway artists are well-rounded and well-trained in all disciplines. We are here to help you develop a strong work ethic and a hunger to learn. Come with a positive attitude and willingness to embrace all elements of training!

Gathered first and foremost is a training program that is meant to build better human beings. If you what and grow and better yourself to become a more well rounded human being, you belong here! Let Robert tell you all about it here! 


We kindly ask parents to refrain from joining us during their students virtual classes and meals.  We have Gathered Mentors to supervise students during those times.

During Gathered, there will be 2 Parents-Only Sessions with founder of The Broadway Collective Robert Hartwell and his amazing mother Elizabeth. This is the time for parents to ask questions about the business and life in NYC that they may be too afraid to ask their child—and also, to find support in what can be such a daunting task of raising a young artist. These Parents-Only Sessions have been a huge hit this last year—and we look forward to doing these again!

We understand the worry of a parent. But here’s the truth.  A Broadway Career is fruitful and can offer so much to a stable life! If you go to this link, Robert gives some great insight into just how that is true!



Absolutely. There are hundreds of students interested in Gathered and only 40 spots per session. We’ve sold out every single year in less than 48 hours.

Time is the most valuable thing we have on this earth. And I promise you, Gathered is worth that valuable time. If you click on the link below, Robert explains just why your time spent with Gathered is invaluable. 


There are no refunds or cancellations. Once you make your deposit, this means you’re making a firm commitment to be at Gathered. See our ​​Terms + Conditions.

Even though you’re training with us online, that doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off, scroll on your phone, or smack your gum! 

We expect you to show up with fierce commitment and treat each training session seriously. 

We have a dress code of black dance clothes and your official Gathered t-shirt, which will be mailed to you after you register. For dance classes, please wear jazz shoes. 

After you register, we’ll email you instructions on what to wear each day and exactly how to prepare.

Due to COVID-19, we have cancelled all in-person training for the foreseeable future. Until there’s an effective vaccine for the virus, we can’t take the risk of putting our Faculty, students, or parents at risk, especially in a highly populated city like NYC.

We hope to offer in-person events in NYC in the future when it is safe to do so, but realistically this may not happen for several years.

The silver lining to COVID-19 is that we have completely re-imagined what online training can be. We bring you musical theatre training—online—like it’s never been done before. 

Working online allows us to go above and beyond and offer things we haven’t done before, including intimate “Dine and Learn” dinner dates and Q&A sessions with 10 students in each group. 

If you’ve never experienced one of our online programs, enroll in Gathered. You will be astonished by the level of creativity and professionalism that we deliver.

Unsure if online training works? We have a video to help here!

Absolutely! Send your questions to hello at bwaycollective dot com – or ask us a direct question here and get a personal answer!
schedule a Call

More questions about Gathered?

We want to help! Don’t let questions about Gathered hold you back–we have the answers!