January 29, 2021

Dear Students and Parents, 

Here at the Broadway Collective, we employ a team of 10 full time employees plus over 200 Broadway Teaching Artists on our Faculty.  We are based in New York City, which has been a painful epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Like you, we are hopeful and excited about the new vaccines that are rolling out. 

And, like you, we know that there’s still a long road ahead and this vaccine won’t be an overnight solution. 

We still need to wear masks, wash hands, social distance, avoid unnecessary travel, do education and training online—and make a daily effort to keep each other safe. 

This only works…if we work together. Everyone has to do their part. And, if we make a few sacrifices in the short term, that means we can get back to Broadway theaters, birthdays, proms, and all the things we miss—sooner.

We’re writing this letter to give you an update on how The Broadway Collective is continuing to respond to COVID-19, and our exciting plans for 2021.


What you need to know:

– The Broadway Collective has been a pioneer in online musical theatre education since 2015. We’ve been doing online training since 2016 —long before COVID-19 began.  This is what we do – very well.

– We continue to bring our online programs to the next level. We hire professionals from Broadway and Hollywood to bring professional-level videography, photography, lighting, sound, and special attention to our students who are training with us online, from home.

– We show our students how to set up a professional at-home training and rehearsal space so they can get elite dance, voice, and acting coaching—through the screen.

– We bring you an online experience that is above-and-beyond anything you’ve seen. We don’t do boring Zoom meetings. We do a production worthy of Broadway. 


What’s happening in 2021:

– In 2021, we’re bringing you the full menu of The Broadway Collective programs: 

Hello Broadway – our online training academy (waitlist now open)

Gathered – our summer program (registration opens early March)

Prescreen Prep – our college audition coaching program (registration opens early April)

and Hello Broadway Live – our national tour (registration opens in October)

– Throughout 2021, all programs will be delivered 100% online. We’re doing this to keep our students, families, and Faculty safe. 

– We are too close to being through this pandemic to ask anyone to travel in 2021. The time and stress that we would spend “waiting it out to see” or having you quarantine and tested daily is not what leadership looks like to us.

– In many ways, being online is an advantage and a blessing for our families. Being online means it’s much less costly to work with our Faculty. For instance, you don’t have to fly to NYC and pay for 7 nights in a hotel to do our summer program, Gathered. We bring NYC to you—virtually. You can train from home.

– Another silver lining: because the Broadway theatre district in NYC is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, hundreds of award-winning Broadway artists are temporarily out of work and available to coach your kids — online. This situation has never happened before, in history, and we’re taking full advantage and creating a win-win-win situation for students, parents, and artists.  The people who have already said yes to being at Gathered this summer are beyond.

– Both of our NYC-based programs Gathered and Prescreen Prep happened in the summer and fall respectively of 2020 online and truly left families in awe of what we were able to produce.

– Online education is what we do.  There are many incredible choices out there, but there is not another education company who will pour the hours of love, dedication, and planning into their curriculum, delivery, and family experience that we will.  

Many found that the online classroom experience was not only “just as good” but in some ways “even better” than being here in NYC as we were able to add more 1:1 support.


Our biggest lessons:

One of the greatest lessons we learned, last year, is that the future is always uncertain. 

Whether it’s a pandemic, social justice revolution, protest in the streets, a bizarre election season, or something else, there is always going to be “something” unpredictable right around the corner.

But this doesn’t mean that we give up on our dreams, or stop preparing for the future.

We believe it’s crucial to train diligently for the future you want—even when the future feels uncertain. 

Just because Broadway is on intermission doesn’t mean we stop training or stop making art. 

If anything, this is the moment to double-down and become even more focused, committed, and prepared.

Other students are training ferociously even during the pandemic. 

Other students are preparing for college prescreens, auditions, and their future careers.

Are you?

We hope so. We’re excited to see you in 2021. Let’s make this an incredible year. A year of surprises, joy, Broadway magic, coming alive again, and discovering just how strong you really are.

Here for you. Every day.

My All,

Robert Hartwell

Founder + Artistic Director
The Broadway Collective