July 9–14 | NEW YORK CITY

One session only! RSVP for early registration

July 9–14 | NEW YORK CITY

One session only! RSVP for early registration

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You’re Invited to celebrate the launch of Gathered 2024!

Join us for an exclusive tuition discount, schedule, show reveals, Broadway stars, and above all else—the re-launch of the summer program that has changed the lives of hundreds of young artists over the last 8 years and mentored students into top theatre college programs.


Thursday, February 29th





ALSO! Launch Party attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to register that night with the tuition discount–before the doors open to the general public on Friday March 1st.

Don’t miss this–Gathered usually sells out every year in 48 hours! 


This isn’t “summer camp.”

Gathered will get you more inspired and motivated than ever before.

Gathered will change your family’s understanding of Broadway as an educational path and sustainable career.

Gathered will show you what is possible.

If Broadway is your future, Gathered needs to be your summer.


If I could have had a program like this, I would have had way more confidence that I knew what I was doing. Getting to work with Broadway performers would have been a huge opportunity to understand what it's like to work on Broadway, how hard it is, and how amazing and rewarding it can be.”

Taylor Louderman

Broadway Performer & Past Gathered faculty

“I'm so excited to be a part of Gathered because [these young performers are] incredibly disciplined, incredibly passionate, and incredibly talented. That combination makes them the most exciting to teach and be around.”

Solea Pfeiffer

Broadway Performer & Past Gathered Faculty

Robert Hartwell was one of my first teachers: he is supportive and kind, but he's going to make you work your butt off and he will not settle for less than your best. How he creates a classroom atmosphere is how every teacher should: which is why I got involved [with Gathered] immediately when he asked!”

Erika Henningsen

Broadway Performer & Past Gathered faculty

what you get


FOR 2 months

Tickets to 4 broadway shows

Which ones? Find out during the launch party!

50 Hours with Broadway Pros

Dance, voice, acting, and audition training




Joining you for bonus seminars, meet-and-greets, and real talk


A performance + celebration on the last day for parents & industry guests

Rave Reviews from Students + Parents #TheGATHEREDEFFECT Rave Reviews from Students + Parents #TheGATHEREDEFFECT Rave Reviews from Students + Parents #TheGATHEREDEFFECT Rave Reviews from Students + Parents #TheGATHEREDEFFECT Rave Reviews from Students + Parents #TheGATHEREDEFFECT Rave Reviews from Students + Parents #TheGATHEREDEFFECT Rave Reviews from Students + Parents #TheGATHEREDEFFECT
No other program is going to prepare you as accurately for a professional life in theatre as Gathered does!”

Jessy V.

“The support, feedback, and skills your child will gain are priceless and there is such a strong community of support waiting for you as a parent. Gathered takes time to make you as a parent feel informed and well cared for as you continue to support your child’s dreams!”

Dan, Parent

“Gathered absolutely changed my life. Give it your all and I promise you won’t regret it.

Mackenzie S.

Gathered is the most rewarding experience of your life. I found a new part of myself that I didn’t know existed.”

Kathryn K.

Gathered is a life-changing experience for the entire family. Skills are learned in a beautifully supportive and professional community, friendships are built and lives are changed!”

Lauren, Parent

Gathered is the best place to show you the reality of making it in this industry. Trust the process, trust the people, and trust yourself that you can do great things.”


It will be the best decision that you make. You will work hard, meet amazing people, be inspired every day and wish you could do it all over again. I didn’t expect to get so much out of the program as I did. I made many friends with other parents. I learned so much about Musical Theatre. It was just as awesome an experience for me as my daughter.”

Brit, Parent

The training is unlike anything else you will experience. Not to mention the amazing new group of life-long friends you get at the end!”

Ashley W.

“You will be pushed to reach new realizations in your artistry. Say YES to this life-changing opportunity!

Allison B.

“I will tell any prospective student and their family that they are in for something genuine and special [at Gathered] – a place of safety and love, where they will challenge themselves to take risks with no fear of judgment or failure.”

David, Parent

“TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY! There are not enough words to explain how amazing this experience is.

Ella G.

“If you live and breathe theatre, THIS is the intensive for you. Come prepared to be more vulnerable than ever before and LEARN LEARN LEARN! Gathered is an experience like no other and if Broadway is your goal you CANNOT pass this up.

Becca P.


July 9–14 | NEW YORK CITY


Tuesday July 9
Arrive in New York City


Taylor Trensch
Taylor Trensch
“The way everyone supports each other and roots for each other and celebrates success–but also celebrates mistakes and failures–is what makes the students at Gathered so special, and this program so unique.”
Laura Osnes
I wish I had a program like [Gathered] growing up. I'm from Minnesota and I took dance classes, and voice lessons, but never had the opportunity to work with Broadway stars firsthand. I feel like these young performers are getting the opportunity of a lifetime.”
Kelcy Griffin
Having something like Gathered would have really helped me to grow at a young age. I think that realistic and critical feedback is something that you don't get very often, but it's so important to grow.”


who will be teaching you?
The best of broadway

GATHERED is incredibly popular with our Broadway friends and colleagues. Every year, we bring you an unbeatable lineup of the best in the business (how many Tony Awards can you count in our Recent Gathered Faculty?)

* 2024 Faculty will be announced at a later date*

Al Blackstone

Emmy Award Winner

James Aslop

Beyonce + Netflix

Warren Carlyle

from The Music Man

Jason Sparks

from Hello, Dolly!

Zi Alikhan

Hamilton Nat'l Tour

Robert Hartwell

from Once On This Island

Brendon Stimson

Emmy Award Winner

Michael Warner

Acting Master Class

Sara Edwards

from Hello, Dolly!

REAL TALK: GATHERED is a professional summer training intensive for serious musical theatre students aged 12 and up.

We’re only accepting 40 students for our single session this summer.

There is no audition process, but this is not a summer camp and should not be treated as one.

If you’re willing to do the work, you will have a transformative experience that will shape your life and career forever.


We accept students aged 12 and up into Gathered. There are only 40 spots per class. We recommend students have an intermediate- to advanced-level skills in at least one of the core disciplines of voice, acting, and dance technique.

You don’t need to be the “perfect” dancer, vocalist, or actor. If you are ready to work hard, willing to push yourself to achieve more than you thought you were capable of, and want to fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle of a performing arts professional for a week–you belong at Gathered!

There are no auditions for Gathered NYC. 

Gathered NYC is two monthly payments of $3,997.

Families have the option to pay in full at a discounted rate of $6,997 which saves them $1,000.

In addition to the live NYC week and 8 weeks of online curriculum, student tuition includes a physical coursebook, all sheet music, and a parent workbook. On-site student meals, Gathered NYC group dinners, and a ticket to 4 Broadway shows are also included within the tuition.

Travel + accommodation is not included in tuition. We recommend staying at Arlo Midtown.

Parents aren’t invited to the theatre with us.

In the 8 weeks leading up to Gathered NYC, students will be mentored and prepare for the live intensive within our private online community. This will require a 3-5 hour commitment within the student’s schedule and time. 

The online work will be research- and performance-based. Students will research the industry and the Broadway professionals they will be coaching and dining with in NYC.  On the performance side, students will prepare the songs and monologues they will be live coaching in NYC.  

A physical coursebook will deliver by mail a week before the start of the session. This coursebook contains research and technique assignments that assure students are mentally and physically prepared for our live week together.

Here’s a look at what we will cover in the Coursebook:

Weekly Sunday Webinar from 6-7pm ET.  

Students historically have been able to attend the weekly webinar and complete their homework with 3-5 hours of dedicated work per week. 

Week 1: Gathered Foundation

Sunday May 12th 6-7pm ET Live Webinar  / Homework due Saturday May 18th by 6pm ET 

Week 2: Golden Age Song

Sunday May 19th 6-7pm ET Live Webinar / Homework due Saturday May 25th by 6pm ET 

Week 3: Monologue 

Sunday May 26th 6-7pm ET Live Webinar / Homework due Saturday June 1st by 6pm ET 

Week 4: Ensemble Intensive Part 1

Sunday June 2nd 6-7pm ET Live Webinar  / Homework due Saturday June 8th by 6pm ET

Week 5: Pop Song

Sunday June 9th 6-7pm ET Live Webinar  / Homework due Saturday June 15th by 6pm ET

Week 6: Contemporary Musical Theatre Song

Sunday June 16th 6-7pm ET Live Webinar / Homework due Saturday June 22nd by 6pm ET

Week 7: Ensemble Intensive Part 2 

Sunday June 23rd 6-7pm ET Live Webinar  / Homework due Saturday June 29th by 6pm ET

Week 8: Business of the Business 

Sunday June 30th 6-7pm ET Live Webinar  / Homework due Saturday July 6th by 6pm ET

We recommend staying at Arlo Midtown.

You aren’t obligated to book into this hotel, however parents + students will be required to meet at Arlo each morning and evening for student dropoff / pickup

There are no scholarships for Gathered. We encourage our students to be active participants in financially making their dreams a reality by fundraising. The truth is that we find a way to make Disney, iPhones, and Nikes fit in our budget. We must do the same for arts education.

We’ve gathered ​10 Fundraising Ideas to help you save up and make your Broadway Collective training a financial possibility!

And yes, we’ve had several students reach their fundraising goals because they made the commitment to overcome their circumstances. Whether it’s babysitting, mowing lawns, getting a part-time job after school, or crowdsourcing your funding, there’s a way to make this happen. You’ve got this!

There are no refunds or cancellations. Once you make your deposit, this means you’re making a firm commitment to be at Gathered. See our ​​Terms + Conditions.

Absolutely! Send your questions to hello at bwaycollective dot com.

Pay in full


1 payment – saves you $1000!

Pay over time


2 monthly payments

Gathered 2024 Launch party: thursday 2/29 @ 7pm et