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This ain’t summer camp, boo boos.

Everything you need to know about Gathered

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Session 1

June 24-28

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Session 2

July 8-12

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Session 3

July 22-26

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Session 4

August 5-9

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Just imagine...

...Owning your strengths, challenging your weaknesses, and building new confidence
We give you 2 months of online prepwork so you can arrive to Gathered prepared and 100% ready to step up your acting, dancing, vocal, and auditioning skills.

What do I get?

...Spending 5 full days in New York City
Eat at the restaurants, see Broadway shows, wake up in the city that never sleeps, and train in the rooms where it happens just like every Broadway performer does every day.

What's the schedule?

...Working with real Broadway professionals
Vocal, Dance, Acting, and Audition Technique Master Classes with award-winning Broadway directors, performers, choreographers, and casting directors. The best in the biz.

Who will be teaching me?

...Finding your tribe
This is a bonding experience like no other. Meet and work alongside other Broadway-obsessed, hard-working young performers just like you: the people you'll be supporting and collaborating with for years to come.

What Gathered students + parents say

That is Gathered.

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What All Do You Get?

A Breakdown of the Gathered Experience

  • 50 hours with Broadway pros
    Dance, voice, acting, and audition training with Tony-winning Broadway directors, choreographers, and performers as well as top agents, managers, and casting directors.
  • 2 Months of Online Training
    Exclusive Gathered curriculum with research + technique assignments that prepare you mentally + physically for the week at Gathered within our private online community. Includes a physical student coursebook, parent workbook, sheet music, and mp3s.
  • 5 Days of Swag
    We give you the official Gathered uniform: Gathered 2020 tshirt, Broadway Collective tshirt, and new to-be-revealed designs!
  • Tickets to 2 Broadway shows
    Which ones? Click here and here!
  • 2 VIP Dinners with Broadway Cast Members
    2 of your dinners will be with special Broadway guests–you wouldn't believe how many want to stop by and hang out with Gathered students!
  • Special guests throughout the week
    Joining you for bonus seminars, meet-and-greets, and real talk.
  • Sharecase
    A performance + celebration on the last day to share what you've learned with parents and industry guests.
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What's the Schedule?

A Breakdown of Your Time at Gathered

  • Arrive in NYC!
  • 8:30am

    Parent + Student Orientation
  • 9am-1pm

    Dance + Vocal Master Classes
  • 1-1:30pm

    Lunch Break
  • 1:30-6pm

    Acting + Vocal Master Classes
  • 6:30-8pm

    Parent + Student Welcome Dinner
  • 8-9:30pm

    Vocal Rehearsals
  • 8-10:30am

    Dance Master Class
  • 10:30-12:30pm

    Vocal Master Class
  • 12:30-1pm

    Lunch Break
  • 1-2pm

    Audition Technique
  • 2-5pm

    Business of the Business
  • 5:30-6:30pm

    VIP Dinner #1 with Broadway Guests
  • 7pm

    Broadway Show #1
  • 8-9:30am

    Dance Master Class
  • 9:30-11am

    Vocal Master Class
  • 11:30-1pm

    Acting Master Class
  • 1-1:30pm

    Lunch Break
  • 1:30-3pm

    Wellness Seminar
  • 3-6pm

    Business of the Business
  • 6pm

    Free night in NYC!
  • 8-9am

    Boot Camp
  • 9-11am

    Vocal Master Class
  • 11-12:30pm

    Acting Master Class
  • 12:30-1pm

    Lunch Break
  • 1-3pm

    Vocal Master Class
  • 3-5:30pm

    Mock Audition
  • 5:30-6:30pm

    VIP Dinner #2 with Broadway Guests
  • 8pm

    Broadway Show #2
  • 8:30-10:30am

  • 10:45am-1:15pm

    Sharecase (Sharing Showcase)
  • 1:30-3pm

    Reception + Meet and Greet
  • PS: Your official schedule will be sent 2 months before your session

    Who's Teaching You?

    The Best of Broadway

    Gathered is incredibly popular with our friends + colleagues from Broadway and every year we bring in the best of the biz to work and connect with you.

    Take a look through all the amazing Broadway creatives + performers who have been a part of Gathered (how many Tony Award nominees and winners can you count?!)


    Sort by: Director/Choreographers / Directors / Broadway Performers / Talent Agents + Managers / Music Directors / Dance Captains / Casting Directors / Special Guests

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    What Our Broadway Faculty Say

    What Students + Parents Say

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    F A Q

    What's the investment?

    Gathered NYC is $4,995 – paid in 6 monthly installments (a first installment of $495, followed by 5 payments of $900).

    What's included in the tuition?

    In addition to the live NYC week and 8 weeks of online curriculum, student tuition includes a physical coursebook, 5 days of Swag (the official uniforms for Gathered), all sheet music, and a parent workbook. Students will end Gathered with 6 new mp3s + sheet music for their audition portfolio. 2 tickets to Broadway shows are included. On-site student lunches and Gathered group dinners are also included within the tuition.

    Travel + accommodation is not included in tuition.

    Who can attend Gathered?

    We accept students aged 12 and up into Gathered. There are only 40 spots per class. We recommend new students have an intermediate-to advanced-level skill set in voice, acting, and dance technique. Dancers will be pushed to sing. Singers will be pushed to dance. Everyone will do it all... because that’s how we roll on Broadway!

    You don’t need to be the “perfect” dancer, vocalist, or actor. If you are ready to work hard, willing to push yourself to achieve more than you thought you were capable of, and want to fully immerse yourself in the lifestyle of a performing arts professional for a week – you belong at Gathered!

    Is the 2 months of online prep different than Hello Broadway Live or Hello Broadway?

    Yes. The Broadway Collective develops curriculum that is individually catered to each program. Gathered curriculum is research-based training to give students real insight into what training for, and pursuing a career on Broadway looks and feels like.

    The Hello Broadway trifecta is built around skills-based training. If you are seeking to independently train your voice, acting, and dance skill sets, visit this link and learn more about how you can get year-round focus on your performing arts development and weekly mentorship with Broadway performers.

    Do I need to audition?

    There are no auditions for Gathered.

    What is the time commitment for the online prep work?

    In the 8 weeks leading up to Gathered, students will be mentored and prepare for the live intensive within our private online community. This will require a 3-5 hour commitment within the student's schedule and time.

    The online work will be research- and performance-based. Students will research the industry and the Broadway professionals they will be coaching and dining with in NYC. On the performance side, students will prepare the songs and monologues they will be live coaching in NYC.

    A physical coursebook will deliver by mail three months before the start of the session. This coursebook contains research and technique assignments that assure students are mentally and physically prepared for our live week together.

    Here’s a look at what we will cover in the Coursebook:

    Week 1: Golden Age Uptempo Song
    Week 2: Golden Age Ballad Song
    Week 3: Contemporary Uptempo Song
    Week 4: Contemporary Ballad Song
    Week 5: Rock The Audition: Motown & 70s Folk/Rock
    Week 6: Rock The Audition: Disco, 80s Pop/Rock, Funk
    Week 7: Monologues
    Week 8: NYC Prep

    Homework is due weekly on Sunday by 5pm EST.

    Session 1 - June 24-28
    Weekly Webinars - Sunday April 28 - Sunday June 21

    Session 2 - July 8-12
    Weekly Webinars - Sunday May 10 - Sunday July 5

    Session 3 - July 22-26
    Weekly Webinars - Sunday May 24 - Sunday July 19

    Session 4 - August 5-9
    Weekly Webinars - Sunday June 7 - Sunday August 2

    What hotel do you recommend?

    Students who register for Gathered will receive an exclusive promotional rate at our partner hotel (TBA).

    You aren’t obligated to book into this hotel, however parents + students will be required to meet at our partner hotel each morning and evening for student dropoff / pickup.


    There are no scholarships for Gathered. We encourage our students to be active participants in financially making their dreams a reality by fundraising. The truth is that we find a way to make Disney, iPhones, and Nikes fit in our budget. We must do the same for arts education.

    We've gathered (ha!) ​10 Fundraising Ideas to help you save up and make your Broadway Collective training a financial possibility!

    And yes, we've had several students reach their fundraising goals because they made the commitment to overcome their circumstances. Whether it’s babysitting, mowing lawns, getting a part-time job after school, or crowdsourcing your funding, there’s a way to make this happen. You’ve got this!


    Each student under 18 years old is required to have a parent or guardian with them at Gathered.

    Parents are responsible for dropping their student off each morning in the hotel lobby at 7:30am sharp, and picking up their student from the lobby at the end of each day.

    We kindly ask parents to refrain from joining us for meals and show outings. We have Gathered chaperones to supervise students during those times.

    During Gathered, there will be 2 Parents-Only Sessions with founder of The Broadway Collective Robert Hartwell and his amazing mother Elizabeth. This is the time for parents to ask questions about the business and life in NYC that they may be too afraid to ask their child—and also, to find support in what can be such a daunting task of raising a young artist. These Parents-Only Sessions were a huge hit last year—and we look forward to doing these again!

    Are you going to sell out?

    Absolutely. There are hundreds of students interested in Gathered and only 40 spots per session. We’ve sold out every single year in less than 48 hours.


    There are no refunds or cancellations. Once you make your deposit, this means you're making a firm commitment to be at Gathered.


    Absolutely! Send your questions to hello@bwaycollective.com or call 646-801-0773.

    A Note From Your Host with the Most

    Robert Hartwell

    Yesterday, I was in the studio where we have Gathered each summer and I was moved to tears. They were grateful tears. I’ll tell you what happened. In 2016, when I opened The Broadway Collective, I had a dream to bring students from all over the world to New York City for the summer and not only coach them with Broadway performers, but to connect them with the industry leaders that hire, direct, choreograph, and manage us. I didn’t want Gathered to be “another summer camp” so I knew training and a core curriculum had to be its foundation.

    So I sat in this studio yesterday in tears because I realized that what I set out to build was working. All of the students who came to film this year's Gathered promo video were all students of mine in the original Gathered in 2016. They all trained with us at The Broadway Collective throughout their high school careers and now they are all pursuing BFA Musical Theatre degrees at top universities here in NYC. I was moved by their love for this program and for what their being here in the city means.

    It’s simple: the work works. I’m looking for workers this summer at Gathered 2020. I’m not after perfection or excuses. I’m looking for students who want to go deeper in their training and are ready to meet their fear with a newfound resiliency and work ethic. I know on the other side of doing this work together there will be a confidence that will be unshakeable. I know it’s an investment, but I promise you one thing: if you do the work, your life will be changed. I’m so ready for you to experience Gathered. I’ll see you in NYC, friend!

    My All,


    Founder + Artistic Director

    Real Talk
    GATHERED is a professional summer training intensive for serious musical theatre students aged 12 and up. We only accept 40 students for each session. There is no audition process, but this is not a summer camp and should not be treated as one – if you're willing to do the work, you will have a transformative experience that will shape your life and career.
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