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Project Next Gen is a scholarship award that brings 15 underrepresented students (people of color, immigrants, refugees, transgender, non-binary) and students from low-income school districts to NYC for a week of Broadway training and mentorship.

These fifteen award recipients, will travel to NYC this summer for Gathered NYC – master classes with Tony Award-winning performers, meetings with Managers and Casting Directors, tickets to Broadway shows, backstage tours, dinner with cast members, plus airfare, hotel accommodation, and meals (for both student and a parent/chaperone)—all included.

Project Next Gen's mission is to make arts education accessible to everyone—regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, or economic situation—and bring more diversity and inclusivity to the future of Broadway and beyond.

Why now?

Theatre to me means that I can put my worries aside from my real life and just relax. It’s a space of comfort and love that is accepting of people from every walk of life. I can’t imagine my life without it.
I cannot wait to work for long hours and be tired in the morning. Only because I know that means I’m working hard. It’s something so many kids my age don’t get to do. When I make it big everyone is going to know I worked for what I have.
Something I wish that people knew about me is that I really am a hard worker and will work hard for this scholarship. I’m really passionate about the art that I want to pursue not only as a hobby but as a professional career.
Theatre has come to mean friendship and a second home to me through all of the wonderful people I’ve met while performing. Theatre means getting to escape to a different world, even for a little bit.
This is more than just a week intensive–this is a life changing experience that can help me grow to be the person, leader, and inspiration to others that I want to be.
Coming to GATHERED would not only improve my talents, but allow me to create a bond with people from different walks of life. It would make me feel like I belong. As a kid, there weren’t any outlets for fine arts. There was no environment in school for me to exercise my talents.
I wish people knew my story. I wish they knew the things I went through as an openly gay child in the foster care system. I wish they knew that theatre is what got me through some of the darkest times in my life. Coming to GATHERED is a blessing. Not a lot of kids get the chance to do something this amazing...so to be chosen means a lot to me.
What made me want to apply was the wonderful opportunity this program was giving to students. I grabbed the opportunity so quickly and worked very hard on my audition tape. I came to tears of joy when I was accepted. I still can’t believe it happened, but it makes me look forward to Gathered even more.
GATHERED is my big chance to show myself what I am truly capable of becoming. Also, that I should never lose faith in myself no matter what goes on in my head.
I wish people knew how hard I work. I love performing, and am willing to do anything to better myself. Whether it’s rehearsing a song till my voice runs dry, or tapping on some wooden floor till 3am in the morning. I am a very hard worker and I wish people could see how much I’m willing to put into this art.
As I listened to Project Next Gen’s mission statement, I felt my soul’s purpose had been replayed to me. Not only is GATHERED a program that guarantees skill-building unlike other programs, it’s fueled by a genuine desire: to broaden the spectrum of color and diversity through youth.

A Note from Robert

Right now, there are too many young underserved students of color who dream of working on Broadway—but many of these kids don’t have access to the arts education they need. Their school might not have a theatre program due to budget cuts. Their neighborhood might not have a dance studio.This puts that child at a huge educational disadvantage especially when it’s time to audition for competive BFA programs - they are behind. With your help, we are determined to change this.” Robert Hartwell, Founder

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