Our mission is to train the next generation of Broadway artists—and bring more diversity and inclusion into the musical theater industry.

America isn’t just one color—or one story. It’s a melting pot of experiences, cultures, and viewpoints. It’s time for Broadway stages (and classrooms) to be just as diverse as our country.

If we want Broadway shows to be filled with people of color, transgender and nonbinary artists, immigrant and refugee artists – and other artists who haven’t been welcomed into the music theatre world in the past – it starts at the educational level.

We give out 15 scholarship awards every year to bring exceptionally gifted high school students to Gathered – our week-long summer program in New York City.

It's our job to make access to musical theater education available for everyone – regardless of ethnicity, gender identity, or economic situation.

We are 100% funded by individuals and organizations who believe in our mission—people who love Broadway and believe that if we don’t do the work of diversity and inclusion it will not get done. Donate Now!

Project Next Gen is a scholarship contest for high school performing artists who dream about performing on Broadway.

We’re looking for people of color, transgender artists, immigrant and refugee artists, students from underrepresented neighborhoods and school districts, and other young artists with unique viewpoints and stories.

Winners receive a full scholarship to The Broadway Collective summer program Gathered NYC.

This scholarship prize includes:

5 days of dance, voice, and acting training with Tony Award-winning artists
Tickets to Broadway shows and dinner with cast members
Airfare to NYC and hotel accommodations for the winner (and a parent/chaperone if the winner is under 18)

We are selecting 15 scholarship recipients in 2019. The deadline to apply is Sunday, February 17th by 5pm EST. Winners will be notified by Wednesday, February 27th. Apply now or pass this information along to a student who should know about this opportunity!

Learn how to apply for a chance to be selected in Project Next Gen’s 2019 class of rising talent!

GATHERED is our annual summer program: a 5-Day Master Class in New York City.

Students attend 2 Broadway shows, have dinner with cast members, and complete 50 hours of dance, voice, acting, and audition training with Broadway directors, choreographers, casting directors, agents, and Tony Award winners.
GATHERED​ w​raps up with a Sharecase performance, a chance for students to present what they’ve learned. Parents are welcome to attend. Agents, managers, and journalists will be in the audience, too.

We select 40 students for ​GATHERED​ each session. To be considered, students must ​submit an audition video and answer a few application questions​.
This is so much more than just an “event” or a “summer camp.” It’s an experience that can change the trajectory of a young performer’s life and career.

You’ll leave​ ​GATHERED with a new tribe, a fresh perspective about what’s possible for your life, and fire in your belly—ready to take the next actionable steps to making your dreams a reality!
The Teachers
The GATHERED faculty includes Tony Award-winning choreographers, directors, casting directors, and talent agents from Broadway’s hottest shows—along with Tony Award-winning Broadway performers.

Here's a Sampling of Recent Gathered Faculty:
  • LaChanze

    Broadway Performer

  • Taylor Louderman

    Broadway Performer

  • Laura Osnes

    Broadway Performer

  • Corey Cott

    Broadway Performer

  • Gavin Creel

    Broadway Performer

  • Erika Henningsen

    Broadway Performer

  • Kara Lindsay

    Broadway Performer

  • Alex Newell

    Broadway Performer

  • Josh Bergasse

    Director / Choreographer

  • Ashley Park

    Broadway Performer

  • Al Blackstone

    Director / Choreogapher

  • Warren Carlyle

    Director / Choreographer

  • Solea Pfeiffer

    Broadway Performer

  • Kathleen Marshall

    Director / Choreographer

  • David Chase

    Broadway Music Director

  • Dustin Flores

    Talent Agent

  • Eddie Rabon

    Talent Agent

  • Gina Rattan

    Broadway Associate Director

  • Josh Rhodes

    Director / Choreographer

  • Ricky Ubeda

    Broadway Performer

  • Victoria Kress

    Talent Agent

  • Ben Cook

    Broadway Performer

  • Bryan Terrell Clark

    Broadway Performer

  • Jeremy Leiner

    Talent Agent

  • Kate Lumpkin, CSA

    Casting Director

  • Adam Quinn

    Broadway Associate Director

  • Brendon Stimson

    Broadway Dance Captain

  • Grasan Kingsberry

    Broadway Dance Captain

  • Ariana Debose

    Broadway Performer

The Schedule
DAY 1 / Wednesday

Welcome to GATHERED Orientation {Students + Parents}
Dance Master Class 1
Vocal Master Class 1
Lunch Provided
Acting Master Class 1
Business of the Business Seminar #1 {Students + Parents}
Welcome to GATHERED Dinner {Students + Parents}
Welcome to GATHERED Surprise Tribe Outing Night with Robert

DAY 2 / Thursday

Dance Master Class 2
Vocal Master Class 2
Parents Session 1
Acting Master Class 2
Lunch Provided
Business of the Business Seminar #2 {Students + Parents}
Dinner Provided with Broadway Performers as Special Guests
Broadway Show 1
Broadway Cast Talk Back 1
DAY 3 / Friday

Dance Master Class 3
Acting Master Class 3
Work Sessions
Parents Session 2
Acting Master Class 4
Vocal Master Class 3

DAY 4 / Saturday

Vocal Master Class 4
Vocals Master Class 5
Lunch Provided
Mock Audition: Audition Techniques Master Class
Dinner Provided with Broadway Performers as Special Guests
Broadway Show 2
Broadway Cast Talk Back 2

DAY 5 / Sunday

Work Sessions
Final Sharecase
Final Wrap-Up
Gathered NYC changes lives. Not only do you learn from the most amazing people working on Broadway, but you create a whole family that loves and supports you. Gathered pushes you in ways you never knew you could be pushed, and teaches you how to be 100% yourself in everything you do. You not only grow as an artist, but as an individual as well. So many intensives are out there in the world, but Gathered will be the one to give you a unique, personal, and life-changing experience. Griffin G.
Gathered NYC was one of the best, most unforgettable experiences I’ve ever had. I worked with, and met, so many Broadway professionals, made so many amazing friends with the same passion and interests as me, learned so much in so little time, and pushed myself past my limits. I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes as long as you learn from them and “fail forward”, because it’s okay not to be perfect. Angelina A.
Gathered NYC was the most amazing experience that I have ever had! I learned SO much more than I thought that I would! I learned to be myself and to believe in myself no matter what happens! I also learned to be humble and know that you need to be kind first! Gathered made me look at myself in whole new way and I am forever changed! Abby R.
There are no words to describe how life-changing of an experience Gathered NYC was. The Gathered team is made up of some of the bravest and most hard working people to walk this earth. They put their backs into creating this incredible opportunity for aspiring Broadway performers to get as much help as they could in a week for their future that will help us for the rest of our lives. I learned so much valuable information and was able to expand myself as a performer in five days than I could’ve in a year with something else. And not only that, everyone was so incredibly supportive and loving so that there was no room for one to feel like falling back. It did not happen. The Gathered team would not ever let you give less than your 100% and in that they helped us find that we could always bring it 100%. Gathered was empowering and incredible in so many different ways and I am forever blessed to have been able to be a part of it. Grecia M.
Gathered was absolutely life changing and unforgettable. Robert and the rest of the Gathered team taught me to trust myself and always stay true to who I am. I learned that to get anywhere in this world, you have to first be a good, hardworking and humble person. Gathered challenged me to be the best version of myself as a person and as an artist. I know what I want and now Gathered has given me the toolbox to get it. Gathered taught me that it is perfectly okay to make mistakes and make sure to always “fail forward”, “use your nerves to your advantage” and remember that “it doesn’t get easier, it just becomes possible." Avery B.
I learned how to really develop each and every skill involved in professional Musical Theatre, from preparing a song for an audition to learning choreography from a Broadway show. Gathered, and its team, will teach you how the industry really works, and what professional casting directors and agents are looking for in the Broadway world. Most of all, Gathered will give you a better sense of yourself, and where you need to go in order to be ready for a professional career. They won't go easy on you at Gathered, but they will take the time to specifically get to know you and how to help you grow as an artist and as a performer. Scout C.
I can honestly say that Gathered NYC changed my life. It’s hard to comprehend how much I learned in those five days. Not just about theatre, but about myself and about life. As a person who’s always negative, I finally realized that hard work DOES go a long way, and I will never get anywhere if I don’t try. I came out of Gathered with a strong desire to try new things and to step out of my comfort zone. Gathered changed me as an artist, but also as a person. I have more confidence, more passion, and more motivation. We were pushed to our limits. It has literally changed my outlook on life. Emily D.
Gathered has taught me for the second time that success starts as soon as you step outside of your comfort zone. I learned that if you stay inside your comfort zone doing the things you know you are good at you’ll never reach your full potential. Gathered allowed me to make mistakes in a place where I was surrounded by people who I knew had my back and supported me. It reminded me that everyday I am in competition with no one but myself and that everyday is a new opportunity to surpass who I was the day before. Caroline G.
Professional. High caliber. Intense. Choose the other programs out there for a fun, camp-like experience. Choose GATHERED for the closest immersive experience your child will have before college. Laurie, Parent
GATHERED was an unexpected experience for me. I knew the classes would exceed my expectations having met Robert through Broadway Collective but I had no idea the sense of reassurance it would give me. It was truly a family experience. It is a privilege to support your child as they pursue their dreams but GATHERED allows you to take a realistic look into the life they are headed for. Within 4 days my child was part of something extraordinarily supportive. 32 kids huddled in a corner pulling for each other as they tackled the things that frightened them the most, truly rooting for each other to succeed. It was beautiful and moving to witness and it reassured me that there’s a kind community within your “tribe” of peers and mentors that only GATHERED can offer. Geraldine, Parent
Gathered is a whole other level of intensive - from the 8 week course work completed before the program starts, to the 5 days of hard work- it's obvious a career in Broadway means being prepared and being willing to put in the work. The feedback they got was so helpful, honest, insightful and encouraging. All the kids walked away understanding that a career on Broadway is possible, but there's a path with very hard work and focus needed to stay on it, and above all staying kind and humble is key to success. Everyone was outside of their comfort zone in some way and we all learned what changes we need to make in our lives now in order to make the future a possibility. Lauren, Parent
Gathered NYC pushed Kaitlyn out of her comfort zone and let her realize that it’s okay if you fail as long as you learn from it and use that failure as a learning experience not a defeat. She found a community of young adults who have the same passion for performing as she has. The 8 week preparation prior to Gathered helped her prioritize her time and I actually saw the beginning of a work ethic that many young adults today do not have. Gathered introduced my daughter to what her life would be like if she followed her passion of performing and she has embraced it completely. I am forever grateful to Robert Hartwell and Kate Lumpkin for sharing their time, talent, passion, and above all, love to these talented young adults! Maria, Parent
Gathered 2018 was a motivating, uplifting and top notch training experience for Chloe. As a 2nd year participant, she saw how much she grew in a year & “knew she did the work” . Not only did it help her reinforce her dreams and goals, it challenged her to continue to take risks in a supportive environment with mentors and peers. She knows she’s on the right path. As parents, we were excited to be able to see Chloe’s growth & commitment to her dream while also having great information given to us in parent workshops by “people in the business”.Kimberly, Parent
Gathered was life changing for my son and me. What we both learned were not only theatre lessons but also life lessons that can be applied every day to help us live our best lives. I am so grateful he had the opportunity to work with such caring, kind and amazingly talented people! Cassy, Parent
I can easily say that Gathered exceeded ALL of our expectations! The change we have seen in Vivian has been remarkable! We were both wow’d at the changes in her vocals at the Sharecase! Even more amazing than that is the change IN Vivian. There is an air of confidence & purpose around her, and we have never seen her more focused on her future plans! She has gone from a “dream” of Broadway someday to a definitive goal and plan to BE a Broadway performer! It was definitely a life changing week for her, and we can’t wait for Gathered 2019!! Thank you isn’t enough to express the gratitude to each of you for such an amazing experience!!! Jamie, Parent
The level of professionalism, organization and quality of training that Gathered provided was outstanding. The master classes, all taught by exceptional teachers in their respected fields, pushed my son to explore this craft on a deeper level. Gathered was such a wonderful litmus test that solidified his love for being a storyteller on Broadway. He walked away with have a stronger focus and work ethic going forward towards the goal. Thank you to all involved for creating an atmosphere to "fail forward" and do the hard things to achieve your best life. We are forever grateful and know that we have a family in New York in Robert Hartwell and his incredible team. Angie, Parent
    The Shows
  • Nightly you will have dinner with Broadway performers, see a Broadway show, and have exclusive post-show talk backs with the cast after.

    June Session

    Kiss Me, Kate
    Ain't Too Proud

    July Session

    The Prom
    Ain't Too Proud

    August Session

    Ain't Too Proud

    Keep an eye out for what shows our 2019 Sessions will be seeing here. They will be hot, diverse, and you will be one of the lucky ones to have a seat in the theatre post Tony award season!

  • The Sharecase
  • On the final day of GATHERED, students do a Sharecase (Sharing Showcase) at the legendary ALVIN AILEY THEATER in NYC.

    This is a chance for students to share what they’ve learned over the last 5 days. Parents and members of the Broadway community attend!

    405 W 55th ST, NEW YORK, NY, 10019
  • The Studio
  • During GATHERED, your Master Classes happen at RIPLEY GRIER STUDIOS. This is an iconic studio where Broadway shows are cast, created, and rehearsed. It’s beautiful and secure. The studio has a doorman and there is no entry without proper identification and a security check.

    305 W 38th St, NEW YORK, NY 10018
Official Gathered NYC Hotel

Project Next Gen students will stay at ROW NYC – located in the heart of NYC’s theater district.

We use the ROW NYC lobby as our meeting point for morning pick up and evening drop off, so it’s the #1 most convenient place to stay during GATHERED.


June Session
Check In Tuesday June 18, 2019
Check Out Sunday June 23, 2019
5 nights
Guest Room with 2 Double Beds: Included

July Session
Check In Tuesday July 9, 2019
Check Out Sunday July 14, 2019
5 nights
Guest Room with 2 Double Beds: Included

August Session
Check In Tuesday August 6, 2019
Check Out Sunday August 11, 2019
5 nights
Guest Room with 2 Double Beds: Included

Once you ​are accepted to GATHERED​, here’s everything that’s included:
2 months of Prep Work — prior to your arrival — to get you 100% ready for NYC you will take a 2 month online Course including weekly Live Q&A calls with the GATHERED Team to prepare your mind, stamina, and skills.

5 days in NYC to bring your dance, voice, acting skills — and your confidence — to the next level.

1 Welcome to NYC Night with your new tribe that you'll never forget

50 hours of Musical Theater Master Classes led by an all-star faculty, which includes Tony Award-winning performers, directors, producers, and choreographers

4 Fabulous Dinners

All Lunches Provided

Tickets to 2 Broadway Shows

Access to 2 Exclusive Post-Show Talk Backs

2 Broadway Business Seminars with Broadway casting directors, talent agents, directors, and choreographers.

2 Parents-Only Sessions

1 Sharecase performance for parents, industry, and media reps from the Broadway community.


It was created for everyone. GATHERED is for the performer-in-training who wants to pursue a career in the arts. Equal focus will be given to all 3 disciplines: dance, voice, and acting. Dancers will be pushed to sing. Singers will be pushed to dance. Everyone will do it all... because that’s how we roll on Broadway!


Each student under 18 years old is required to have a parent with them at GATHERED.

Parents are responsible for dropping their student off each morning in the ROW NYC HOTEL lobby at 7:30am sharp, and picking up their student from the lobby at the end of each day.

We kindly ask parents to refrain from joining us for meals and show outings. We have GATHERED chaperones to supervise students during those times.

During GATHERED, there will be 2 Parents-Only Sessions with founder of The Broadway Collective Robert Hartwell and his amazing mother Elizabeth. This is the time for parents to ask questions about the business and life in NYC that they may be too afraid to ask their child—and also, to find support in what can be such a daunting task of raising a young artist. These Parents-Only Sessions were a huge hit last year—and we look forward to doing these again!

What are the ages / levels?

Ages 13 through College.

All classes move at an Intermediate/Advanced pace.


Parents are strongly encouraged to allow GATHERED to be an experience that their students share with their peers and the GATHERED team. We kindly ask parents to refrain from joining us for meals and show outings.

Where is the hotel?

ROW NYC is located in the heart of the NYC’s theater district. The hotel is literally STEPS away from the theater, restaurants, and rehearsal studios.

ROW NYC is located in the heart of the NYC’s theater district. The hotel is literally STEPS away from the theater, restaurants, and rehearsal studios.

Absolutely! Send your questions to gathered@bwaycollective.com or call 646-801-0773.

1) Create a Self-Tape Audition

You must include the following in your video:

+ SLATE // Your name, home city, school and age.
+ SONG // Please sing a 16-bar cut from the options provided via THIS LINK. Please choose the song that you think best represents you, your voice, and your talents. You will sing along with a provided track that you will need to play from a speaker near you. Please do not play the track on the computer and/or phone you are filming with. It will be too loud and we won't be able to hear you!
+ DANCE // Please do a double pirouette on the right and left, a step grand battement on the right and left to the front and to the side (devant and second). Examples: Pirouette | Grand Battement
+ PERSONAL STATEMENT // Tell us in one minute why you want to come to GATHERED NYC.
+ UPLOAD VIDEO TO VIMEO in a compiled, unlisted Vimeo link.
2) Two Letters of Recommendation

+ One from an Academic teacher
+ One from a Fine Arts teacher
3) Write a Two-Page Essay

Please include a two-page typed essay that answers the following questions:

+ What do you want from Gathered?
+ Why do you want to come?
+ What’s your greatest dream for your future?
4) Fill Out the Application Below

In the last section of the application form, you will upload / attach your self-tape, letters of recommendation, and essay.

1 Student Information
2 Session Preference
3 Application Materials
  • Applications due Sunday February 17, 2019 by 5PM EST
    Decisions sent out Wednesday February 27, 2019