It’s that time again.

An audition pops up and you already feel far behind...What do you need? Where do you turn? How do you prepare?
The Broadway Collective’s Audition Rescue Team is here to help!
Audition Rescue: Dance Prescreens Registration Closes
Sunday, August 1st at 5PM ET
Auditioning is difficult without a guide to navigate the industry and lead you to your fullest potential.

That’s why we’ve created 3 *brand new* specialized programs designed to help you succeed in the audition room.

We have compiled our years of expertise to provide you with confidence and clarity through a series of individual online masterclasses taught by our Broadway Collective Team.

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Live Online


College Audition Choreography Created for You



Cart Closes Sunday, August 1st at 5PM et

Musical Theatre college auditions are right around the corner. Have your dance prescreens successfully choreographed and coached online by the best of Broadway. We bring world-class college audition prep to your computer screen. No travel required!

Delivered by

Robert Hartwell
Founder of the Broadway Collective * Hello Dolly! Starring Bette Midler * Cinderella

Everything That's Included

1 Full Piece Of Choreography

We don’t believe in the word “can’t.” Whether you’re a dancer-dancer or just starting your training, we’ll choreograph your college dance prescreens to your strengths!

1 Feedback Session With A Broadway Professional

Increase your chances of getting into a top Musical Theatre program by perfecting your prescreens with the pros! Our Broadway faculty will provide you with personalized feedback to help you shine.

1 Mp3 Track

You’ll receive a personal MP3 track of your audition cut to record your audition videos.

Prescreen Video Creation Guide

Step-by-step guide to creating your perfect first impression. By the end of this program, you’ll feel #fabulous knowing you have a professionally prepared dance prescreen video that you’re ready to submit to top college programs!

Please note

This is a custom offering, not a live event. When registering for Dance Prescreens, please be aware that there is a two-week deliverable on your choreographed piece. Upon registration, a member of our team will be reaching out to you directly to schedule customized details.


Struggling to find the perfect audition song? Not quite sure where to start? We’ll help you identify your strengths and select material that allows you to shine in the audition room.

Hosted by

Robert Hartwell
Founder of the Broadway Collective * Hello Dolly! Starring Bette Midler * Cinderella
Maggie Bera
Founder of Actor Aesthetic

Everything That's Included

The Ultimate Guide To Building Your Audition Book

Never walk into an audition empty handed again! We’ll take you through the 3 genres of musical theatre (Golden Age, Contemporary and Pop/Rock) and the 5 types of songs you need to have in your audition book.

The Good vs. The Bad: What Works And What Doesn’t

What if a song is overdone? What if it’s not exactly your “type?” Should you still perform it? We’ll go over the do’s and don'ts of audition songs.... and when it’s ok to break some rules.

How To Research And Analyze Your Material

How do you take an audition song and truly make it your own? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of dissecting your material, line by line.

The Step-By-Step To Finding The Perfect Audition Song For You

Learn how to identify your strengths as a performer and discover which audition songs are right for you.

The 3 Solid Resources For Finding Sheet Music

You’ve finally chosen your song *CUE SIGH OF RELIEF* … now what?! We’ll let you in on our 3 most trusted resources for finding sheet music online.

*BONUS* 3 Vocal Warm-Ups for On-The-Go

Tired of doing the same old overdone monologue? Feeling uninspired? Join the TBC team for a unique workshop experience as we walk you through the best resources for selecting the perfect audition monologue.

Hosted by

Bryan Langlitz
Memphis * House of Cards * Smash
Maggie Bera
Founder of Actor Aesthetic

Everything That's Included

How To Identify Your Strengths In The Audition Room

Discover what makes you unique as a performer and how to select material that serves you best.

Examples of Professional Audition Breakdowns

What are casting directors currently asking performers to do for Broadway auditions? We’ll show you exactly what to expect from a professional audition breakdown.

Good Monologues vs. Bad Monologues

What makes a monologue great? We’ll dive into which kind of material performs best in the audition room…. and which to avoid!

5 Solid Resources For Finding Monologues

Gain a competitive edge through our 5 trusted resources for finding audition material! No excuses.

Comprehensive List Of Popular Playwrights + Genres

Get familiar with the top playwrights in the business, award winning plays and the different kinds of material you’ll need to have under your belt.

How To Do Your Research + Analyze Your Material

Once you’ve chosen your monologue, it’s time to get to work! We’ll discuss how to tackle your material for the audition room so that you can make it your own.

*Bonus* Wellness Guide For Calming Your Nerves For Auditions

“My coaches picked out perfect material for my prescreen packages! They were able to choose pieces that felt “right” for me and I feel showcased who I am as a person. But best of all, their stellar coaching gave me the confidence to know I was submitting my best work to colleges.


“I was provided with audition material, FANTASTIC people to help coach me through the process, etc., etc...I could not have wished for anything more!

–jordan f.

The material was chosen to showcase my strengths which I believe was the thing that set me apart. Rather than just choosing my own songs based on what I like, professionals gave me material based on who I am as a performer. That was invaluable. They also provided a timeline to keep me on track and ensure I'm preparing everything in a timely manner.”

–rachel l.

“I had a much better understanding of how to work through my audition material- and it was tremendously helpful when I had to practice new monologues for callbacks. Going through this process with a support system made me much more confident and took away a lot of the stress I know I would have felt had I done this alone.


I have been able to learn and grow surrounded by those who love what I love. I was able to find a family and make amazing friends who I love and adore with all of my heart. Thank you Broadway Collective for helping me find and discover the true and best version of myself. Process over Product!”

–neve f.


The Broadway Collective trains forward thinking musical theatre students who choose to show up, do the work, and embrace stepping outside their comfort zone. We provide an emotionally supportive learning space, mentorship, structured curriculum, accountability, and direct access to the Broadway industry. This inclusive community of young artists–and the adults who support them–work towards their future by committing to process over product. By insisting on building better humans first, our students step into the world focused, courageous, resilient, and ready to achieve their highest potential.

Our Vocal and Acting classes will allow for you to enroll at a later time for a playback of the masterclass. Dates to be announced. Our Dance Prescreens can be customized and  created at any time.

Whether you have never stepped foot in a dance studio or have performed in over 50 shows, the Broadway Collective meets students where they are in their process. We provide excellent training to meet your needs and help you grow into the best person and artist you can be.

For the past five years, we have been the leading experts in online arts education, and our preparation paid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. We work with the top industry professionals and leading arts educators to provide excellent training to our students. Through our online educational platform Canvas, we are able to connect with students around the world and provide them with a direct connection to Broadway professionals and top tier musical theatre training.

Nope! There is no audition required for our programs.

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Live Online


Live Online


College Audition Choreography Created for You