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HELLO BROADWAY is an online academy for students ages 12 and up who want to grow up and perform in musical theater productions.

It’s no secret that working on Broadway is intensely competitive. We give young performers a professional edge, helping them shine in auditions by weekly coaching key skills.

HELLO BROADWAY is a place where students build confidence, a strong work ethic, and unstoppable determination. We prepare kids for success in the performing arts—and everywhere else in life.

All you need to make Hello Broadway work is an internet connection, a smartphone, and two hours a week to do the work. Not only are our students honing their skills, they are also developing a widely diverse audition repertoire that will serve them both in the college audition process and beyond. If you’re looking to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre – Hello Broadway is ultimate prerequisite. See you in the academy!
The Experience
The ​HELLO BROADWAY​ online classroom is open 24/7.
Students can log in anytime, from anywhere in the world.
Strengthen Skills
Students complete weekly assignments to strengthen their dance, voice, and acting skills.

Personal Coaching
Every student is paired with a Broadway Coach who gives encouragement and constructive feedback weekly. (Not just any coach, but one who’s an actual Broadway performer.)

Audition Prep
Students build a rock-solid repertoire that can be used for high school, regional theater, and college BFA program auditions.

Advice from Industry Insiders
Students have mentorship sessions with casting directors, directors, choreographers, agents, and other Broadway veterans.

Students make new friends and get inspired by classmates—hardworking students from all around the country.

Students develop as artists, but first and foremost, as people. Every month, we watch our students transform—showing up with new levels of commitment, discipline, and belief in themselves.

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New Student Intake Closes May 6th, 2019

I'm really loving all the content. All of the classes have been a huge challenge for me one way or another, but I can see the improvements in myself and all the fields that I’ve been working on! Maddie B.
This has been fantastic. I danced for 8 years at a small studio down the road from my neighborhood where I loved the people, but didn’t realize until I left that I wasn’t growing there. I have felt myself grow, not just in dancing but in all aspects, more in these past few months with this program than I did in all 8 years at that studio. My parents have noticed this as well. The content is amazing, the feedback is incredible, and the community I feel here is so much better than I could ever have imagined. Grace K.
Each assignment has been very different from the other so far and that gives us so many different genres to work on within one month! It’s been fantastic exploring all of these levels and stories and being able to take our storytelling to the next level. Looking back on these past seven months, I noticed how much I’ve grown both with physical techniques and with storytelling. The pieces we’ve had are amazing and I thank you and the Hello Broadway team for constructing such well thought through months! Izzie C.
I’ve had so much fun this summer, It was AMAZING! The work has been so much fun to experiment with on emotion and pace. Each month I like to try some new way to get it memorized, it has actually become helpful to know different ways. As always, Hello Broadway has exceeded many expectations, and it’s been wonderful working with everyone! Alexandra P.
Hello Broadway has helped me so much with preparation for learning how to [have] audition pieces ready to being able to pick up choreography instantly. Glory P.
I love getting to work and grow during the summer and being productive with what I love to do!! I am loving all the amazing new content we get to work on and all the valuable lessons and tips we are getting!! Having the feedback after every submission has been so helpful and educational! The past couple months have been so much fun and so diverse! I have loved how different everything is and have enjoyed working on styles and genres I haven’t worked on before! Also, it’s been such a blessing to have this community and opportunity! I have been struggling with the stress of college preparations, but everybody’s positivity and hard work is so inspiring and motivational! [...] The personal posts and the advice of students and faculty are really helping me shift away from negativity and self doubt!! Alia A.
Your online classes are just AMAZING!!!!!! We have seen huge growth in performance and confidence since starting. What you are doing here is just fabulous. I'm so thankful for the opportunities this has afforded my daughter!! Heather, Parent
Hello Broadway has been a fabulous learning experience for Gabriela. I have seen growth in her connection to the material that she is working on, whether it be for the Hello Broadway lesson or in performances. It gives her the opportunity to learn various styles of dance that are currently happening on Broadway. She has also learned that hard work pays off. When you put the time and effort in, you will see results. This is one of the best investments that I have made for her future! Amy, Parent
With the weekly assignments, Hanna was able to get a clear sense of the areas of her training that she needed to focus on. By practicing in a committed schedule, and having the consistency of regular assignments to complete every week, Hanna learned where her gaps were in her regular training and had regular feedback to understand which specific elements came easily to her and which ones were harder. The feedback from the Hello Broadway teachers provided her with clear direction and feedback on things she could do to improve. Her passion for Musical Theatre and sharing her art and passion with the world has never wavered, in fact, Hello Broadway has only made it stronger. Sara & Adam
The Hello Broadway program is so much more than a Broadway skills program. It is a community of students who provide encouragement and support for each other, a talented and diverse faculty that teach and mentor the students and a life-changing experience that builds character and confidence. Over the past twelve months my daughter has gained invaluable dancing, acting and vocal training. Her growth in these areas has been phenomenal. But what makes this program so special is the life skills that she acquired through this process. She learned time management, responsibility, to put in the work, to be patient and to breathe. I can’t say enough about this experience! Kia
As Izzie finishes up her year with Hello Broadway, so many thing have happened! Her confidence is soaring! Her acting, vocal and dance skill have significantly improved. As she receives feedback on her uploaded assignments, the growth is remarkable as she strives to improve her skills month after month. Personalized feedback is not only appreciated but an invaluable learning experience that forms building blocks onto which her skill sets grow! Character development assignments really help her get into the character that she wants to be in order to best present her monologue, song or dance. Mentorship weeks are a time for reflection so that she may continue to grow both on a personal and professional level. Her teachers and mentors are inspiring and well versed in the multifaceted discipline of musical theatre. Marina
Hello Broadway has helped my daughter have a broader perspective and deeper understanding of a career in musical theatre. There's nothing more powerful than being in a room, whether it's live or virtual, with people who challenge you to be smarter and more creative and who inspire you to be better in all ways. Broadway Collective does that. We are incredibly grateful for Robert, Kate, and the entire Broadway Collective staff. Julie
Hello Broadway helps Mandy, on a daily basis, become the kind of performer she dreams of becoming! In addition to training Mandy vocal, acting and dance skills, Hello Broadway emphasizes the importance of commitment, inner-honesty, work-ethic, authenticity - all skills immensely important to her no matter what path her life will take. Mandy is incredibly fortunate to have found her tribe, inspiration and mentors in Robert, Kate and the entire Hello Broadway family! Danita
When we signed my 17 y/o daughter up for Hello Broadway, we weren’t really sure what to expect since it was brand new. It has exceeded all of our expectations. She has grown so much in the last year in not just dancing, acting, and singing, but also in her professionalism, work ethic, and understanding of the industry. My daughter has grown so much in the last year not just in her talent, but also in her confidence and understanding of the industry. If your child is passionate about musical theatre and likes to work hard, I highly recommend Hello Broadway! Risa
Hello Broadway is a tremendous program that keeps your talented child focused on the skills necessary for success! Lead and mentored by some of the BEST in the Industry! The direct feedback your aspiring performer receives is priceless to their personal growth as a performer. Jeannie
Hello Broadway has increased Jack’s awareness of quality work. He recognizes when he hasn’t given his all, which the self reflection wasn’t always the case. He is dedicated to completing the work each week and growing stronger as a performer. This parent is forever grateful for the Hello Broadway program and staff! Erica
From the age of 2, Alex has loved performing. She would sing at school in the talent show, dance in her studio’s recitals, she went to every summer drama camp she could take. But she would never audition for anything. After six months in Hello Broadway, she auditioned for a local Independence Day Celebration and was selected from a group of various adults and young children to sing to sing the National Anthem in July 4th. A month later, in the same week, she auditioned for a local pre-professional educational program and the school musical. She was selected for both and was the youngest person selected for callbacks and had a wonderful experience this fall. I believe that without the direct and encouragement of the instructors at Hello Broadway, Alex would have not taken the necessary steps to branch out and audition. Thank you for all your support. Kristin
Peek inside the classroom
that's included:
  • Dance Training
    Choreography inspired from Broadway’s most in-demand choreographers and musicals. Watch the instructional video at home, practice, then record yourself performing the choreography. Post your video to get helpful feedback.
  • Vocal Training
    MP3s, sheet music, lyric analysis, and tips on making audition cuts, plus vocal warm ups.
  • Acting Training
    We work with you on a monthly monologues and scene analysis ranging from dramatic, comedic, and Shakespeare – plus techniques from the top undergraduate and graduate school programs.
  • 40 Personalized Feedback Videos
    ...weekly from your Broadway Coach giving you personally tailored critiques based off of your posted work from the week.
    includes sheet music, coaching, and rehearsal tracks.
    includes coaching and scene study.
  • 9 musical theatre dances
    includes choreography, coaching, and rehearsal tracks.
  • 9 mentorship sessions
    with your Broadway Industry Insiders.
  • 12 group coaching sessions
    with your Broadway Coach.
  • 3 Trimester Assessments
    In the 4th month of each trimester, students will engage in Structured Review and Personal Assessment. This includes revisiting the most challenging material from the past three months for professional review and a one-on-one mentorship call with their personal Broadway mentor.
Plus – Daily Support
Having a tough day?
Need a pep talk?
Have a question?
Got a victory you’d like to share?
Your ​HELLO BROADWAY​ community is online and available every day.
Your Hello Broadway Teachers
  • Jamison Scott

    Broadway Performer

  • Kate Lumpkin, CSA

    Assistant Director

  • Bryan Langlitz

  • Robert Hartwell

    Founder + Artistic Director

  • Sarah Meahl

    Broadway Performer

  • Sydney Morton

  • Ashley Munzek

    Broadway Performer

  • Hayley Podschun

    Broadway Performer

  • Kristen Beth Williams

    Broadway Performer

  • Kevin Munhall

    Broadway Performer

  • Jared Zirilli

    Broadway Performer

  • Travis Greisler


  • Desi Oakley

    Broadway Performer

  • Afra Hines

    Broadway Performer

  • Amy Van Norstrand

    Broadway Performer

  • Anastasia Talley

    Broadway Performer

  • Ashley Blair Fitzgerald

    Broadway Performer

  • Benjamin Bogen

    Broadway Performer

  • Kevin Massey

    Broadway Performer

  • Kimberly Marable

  • Leslie Flesner

  • Marjorie Failoni

    Broadway Performer

  • Mary Page Nance

    Broadway Performer

  • Max Clayton

  • Michael Hartung

    Broadway Performer

  • Patrice Covington

    Broadway Performer

  • Preston Truman Boyd

    Broadway Performer

  • Ramoe Owens

    Broadway Performer

  • Timothy Hughes

    Broadway Performer

  • Trevor Pierce

    Broadway Performer

  • Zakiya Young

    Broadway Performer

  • Aaron Kaburick

    Broadway Performer

  • Jason Gotay

  • Amanda Lamotte

    Broadway Performer

  • Juliane Godfrey

    Broadway Performer

  • JJ Nieman

    Broadway Performer

  • Kelcy Griffin

    Broadway Performer

  • Tyler McKenzie

  • Judith Franklin

    Broadway Performer

  • Justin Prescott

    Broadway Performer

What is Hello Broadway?

Hello Broadway is an online academy for aspiring performing artists and is a key part of The Broadway Collective educational system. Run on a trimester schedule, Hello Broadway brings Broadway performers and creatives directly to your home weekly by providing training, structure, and routine for young artists. The Hello Broadway curriculum covers all aspects of performance including master classes and assignments in Dance, Voice, Acting, and Artistic Mentorship, ranging in styles from classical to contemporary and everything in between. After completing and uploading assignments to our interactive online portal, our team of Broadway mentors, give personalized weekly feedback to each student on their work and monitors their growth throughout the year. Hello Broadway also provides an incredible online community for both students and parents, where we encourage our students to create meaningful relationships and to learn from their peers. Hello Broadway prepares students for a life in the theatre --- and helps people get on the path towards achieving their dreams of being on Broadway.

How does Hello Broadway work?

You might be wondering - how does Hello Broadway work.. For the first three months of each trimester, you will receive a new master class weekly in dance, voice, acting, or artistic mentorship. After attending your online class, you will film and upload your homework to our interactive online portal where you will receive weekly personalized feedback from one of our Broadway educators. In the fourth month of each trimester, students will engage in Structured Review and Personal Assessment. This includes revisiting the most challenging material from the past three months for professional review and a one-on-one mentorship call with their personal Broadway mentor. All you need to make Hello Broadway work is an internet connection, a smart phone, and two hours a week to do the work. Not only are our students honing their skills, they are also developing a widely diverse audition repertoire that will serve them both in the college audition process and beyond. If you're looking to pursue a BFA in Musical Theatre -- Hello Broadway is ultimate prerequisite. See you in the academy!

What's the investment?

Hello Broadway is 12 monthly payments of $349 or pay in full for $3995 for the 12-month training program. This includes weekly downloadable material, personalized weekly feedback, and mentorship.

I’m not sure I have what it takes to be a Broadway performer. How do I know if I’ve got enough talent? Is HELLO BROADWAY a good idea for someone like me, or is it pointless?

As a famous athlete once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” If you dream about being on Broadway, then we urge you to take your dream seriously. Work hard. Go for it.

Many of the top Broadway performers aren’t necessarily the most talented. They’re the most dedicated.​ They’re the ones who work hard, train daily, and refuse to give up.

There’s no way of predicting exactly what the future will hold. And even if your life ultimately takes you in other directions—composing, choreography, directing, producing, or a career outside of the performing arts—the confidence and skills that you build inside ​HELLO BROADWAY​ will set you up for success.

I can’t afford HELLO BROADWAY. Do you offer any discounts or scholarships?

No, we don’t. We have a kid named Jack who’s enrolled in ​HELLO BROADWAY​ right now. His family couldn’t afford it, so Jack started mowing lawns after school until he earned the money by himself. He’s one of our most committed, hard-working students—and he recently booked the leading role in a regional theater production of ​Newsies. (​ His first paying gig as a performer.)

Jack is fighting for his dream, even if it means working odd jobs on weekends and after school.

If money is tight, then we urge you to find your inner Jack. Be resourceful and find a way to gather the funds that you need. Do a bake sale. Mow a lawn. Make it happen. You'll be so proud that you did it. You’ve got to have skin in the game.

Who are some of the teachers I’ll be meeting?

Inside ​HELLO BROADWAY​, you’ll meet the most amazing teachers and coaches. Click here to see our faculty!

My life is already pretty busy. How much time do I need to set aside each week to participate in HELLO BROADWAY?

HELLO BROADWAY​ is a 12-month commitment with a new assignment to complete every week. We take off for major holidays.

After 12 months, if you've completed every single assignment, you receive a certificate of completion that you’re welcome to mention on your college applications and/or résumé.

Every student is different, but as a general guideline, we encourage you to set aside 2-4 hours a week to rehearse, post your assignment, and get feedback from your Broadway coach. If you can make even more time, great!

What if I enroll in HELLO BROADWAY but then I can’t keep going and I need to drop out?

Please don’t drop out. Please honor the commitment you’ve made to yourself, to your artistry, to your future career, and to our hardworking team of teachers and coaches. We’re showing up for you. Please show up for yourself, too. Don’t quit.

That being said, we understand that sometimes “life happens” and sometimes illnesses, moving, school and family changes can disrupt your schedule. If you’re falling behind, you can request a little more time to catch up on your assignments. We can give you a 2-month extension—free of charge. You won’t receive coaching or feedback during these extra 2 months, but you’ll still be able to log into the ​HELLO BROADWAY​ classroom to post your assignments and get caught up.

HELLO BROADWAY sounds amazing, but I’d prefer to do training in person—not online. Do you have any other programs?

Yes! Check out our ​National Tour of masterclasses in cities around the country, and our annual GATHERED​ event in New York City. We love the Internet, but we’d love to see your face in the offline world, too.
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HELLO BROADWAY INCUBATOR is an 8-week program designed to take students through the weekly training videos, personalized feedback, and mentorship of Hello Broadway.

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