Operations Coordinator

Full-Time Employee


The Broadway Collective is seeking an Operations Coordinator.  We are an online musical theater education company based in New York City that provides four key programs: Hello Broadway, Broadway’s online academy; Hello Broadway Live, a 4 week online training program; Prescreen Prep, a college audition coaching program; and Gathered NYC, our summer intensive.  The Operations Coordinator supports the operational needs of the organization under the direction of the Operations Manager.

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This full-time position reports to our Operations Manager.  You will work closely with the Director of Operations as well as our Marketing, Systems, and Education departments.  This position will be responsible for coordinating schedules for programming as well as monitoring finances and transactions.



The Broadway Collective is a training academy for young aspiring performers who dream about pursuing a career in the Musical Theatre industry.  We prepare our students for success in the performing arts — and everywhere else in life, creating well rounded humans.  Our team is composed of like-minded educators and performers who seek opportunities to challenge and develop students and push them towards their dreams.



The Broadway Collective is a multi-million dollar educational company founded by a gay Black man.

It goes without saying, we believe that Black Lives Matter.

We are committed to creating an anti-racist, trans-positive, and inclusive environment in our workplace, in our classrooms, and on Broadway stages.

We celebrate diversity and provide equality and opportunity to our team, students, and their parents—regardless of their ability, background, race, or orientation.



The Broadway Collective has grown tremendously in the short five years of its existence.  Founded by an artist, the company was built to help sustain and inspire other artists.  Our team has a strong bond where everyone works together to make sure our students have the best possible experience.  If you’re motivated to make a difference, this is the place for you.



The Broadway Collective trains forward thinking musical theatre students who choose to show up, do the work, and embrace stepping outside their comfort zone. We provide an emotionally supportive learning space, mentorship, structured curriculum, accountability, and direct access to the Broadway industry. This inclusive community of young artists–and the adults who support them–work towards their future by committing to process over product. By insisting on building better humans first, our students step into the world focused, courageous, resilient, and ready to achieve their highest potential.



Role: Operations Coordinator

Position TypeFull-Time Employee

Department: Operations

Reports to: Operations Manager



This position is responsible for implementing and coordinating the systems, structures, processes, and routines of the organization.



    • Manage collections log to ensure that all client payments are successful.
    • Process pending and manual payments and transactions.
    • Design and maintain standard operating procedures guides for all operations in the organization.
    • Create and provide reports to department heads regarding efficiency in the organization.
    • Collaborate with fulfillment vendors to place all programming box orders.
    • Support sales and education team with Ontraport contact record updates.
    • Assist in building email campaigns in Ontraport.
    • Ensure that all company employees are following operational procedures.
    • Support customer service team with emails and social media communication.
    • Assist Operations Manager with various department tasks.



    • We have quick and efficient communication response times for all clients.
    • Student programming boxes are prepared effectively and delivered in a timely manner.
    • Backend systems are organized and tagged properly based on current enrollment.
    • Standard operating procedures are implemented and followed by all members of the organization.
    • Efficiency and optimization of systematic backend integrations between the marketing systems and education department.



    • High school diploma required.
    • Bachelor’s degree preferred.
    • Experience in office management or an administrative role.
    • Excellent communication and people management skills.
    • Excellent organizational and time management skills.
    • Experience preferred with the following systems:
      • Ontraport
      • Squarespace
      • WordPress
      • Instagram
      • TikTok
      • Facebook
      • Canva
      • LastPass
      • Slack
      • Asana
      • G Suite
    • Ability to multitask and prioritize.
    • Self-starter with strong problem-solving skills.



    • Work-From-Home 
    • Work hours are Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm EST as well as occasional weekend and evening hours depending on program needs
    • Competitive salary and benefits package including insurance and 401k contributions

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