The Broadway Collective is Hiring!

A Typical Day at The Broadway Collective...

Seeing a queer teenager step into their truth and find their courage—while classmates cheer them on.

Watching a shy, timid young woman sing a challenging solo—live, in front of her peers—for the first time ever. And then watching her break into the biggest smile as she realizes, “I am braver than I thought.”

Getting an email from a high schooler who says, “Because of your program, I got into my top choice college to study musical theatre—and got a scholarship, too. My parents and I are sitting here crying. Thank you. You have changed my life.”

Watching kids transform from overwhelmed and insecure….to powerful, radiant, and confident humans ready to take on the world and all the challenges ahead. 

That’s an ordinary day around here.

Sound like your dream opportunity? Want to be part of the movement?


Our mission is to shape every student into the best human being they can possibly be, both onstage and offstage.

We show every student: you deserve your future. 

Whether you dream about being on Broadway, touring internationally, or writing your own original show…with self care, a strong work ethic, the right support network, and an ALL IN attitude, we show our students how to turn their dream into a fully realized future. 

What Makes Us Different

At The Broadway Collective, our Faculty is comprised of outstanding, award-winning performing artists and industry creatives who are currently performing in a Broadway show—or who have been cast in a show within the last three years. 

This means that our students learn “what it takes to ‘make it’ as a musical theatre artist” from people who are currently working in the field. 

Another factor that makes us stand out—we provide an online education experience that is above-and-beyond anything in the marketplace. 

With an emphasis on family partnership at the forefront of our curriculum we instill the values of structure, process, and routine with physical coursebooks for all of our programs for both students and parents.

From vocal masterclasses to live-stream performances to mock audition workshops, we do online education like no one else. 

We bring Hollywood-level videography and production to our programs, giving students an incredible experience that is inspiring, motivating, and thrilling. 

We tell our students, “Even though you’re training virtually from home, we want you to feel transported to NYC.”

Our Programs

Hello Broadway

A 12-month program where students receive dance, voice, acting, and audition training from our world-class Faculty.
The goal? To disrupt the culture of arts education.  To show families that a career in the arts requires the same all in dedication of training like an Olympic athlete.  We equip our families to distinguish the difference between training and experiences.  When quality takes precedence over quantity we are able to commit to process over product. In addition to artistic training, students also receive wellness sessions with a licensed therapist, time management coaching, and a support network to set them up for a successful year. Students transform massively during the year, both artistically and emotionally.



Our Summer Broadway Bootcamp for young artists who are serious about pursuing a career in the performing arts. 
We gather together NYC’s top talent—Broadway artists, directors, choreographers, and casting agents—and these pros train and coach the students, before a live week of classes students and parents engage in an 8 week online coursework ranging in topics from Marketing for Actors to Musical  Theatre History.  It culminates with a sharecase performance (digital until 2022) where students share what they’ve learned—with family, friends, and members of the theatre community supporting them.


Prescreen Prep

Our college prep program for high school seniors. 
Getting into a top theatre college is extremely competitive. To stand out and have a real chance at being accepted, you need to present the complete package—a stellar essay, a high GPA, a professional prescreen audition that showcases your strengths, and facility for growth.  Through Prescreen Prep, we show students how to successfully pass the rigorous prescreen portion of the college admissions process, and how to get into their dream school. Over 90% of our Prescreen Prep students get accepted to a top BFA Musical Theatre program, with an average scholarship of $20K per student. More info.


Hello Broadway Live

This is the entry point to our educational system here for many of our families. 

We see students from all skill levels in this program.  We teach them to learn that process over product is what we stand for here.  Students get personalized feedback and mentorship on their artistic skills, make new friends, and get coached on life skills like goal setting, time management, and creating a winning mindset.

This is an experience that shapes students into stronger artists and more focused, committed students and human beings.  Students continue in Hello Broadway and/or Gathered after this 4 week program.



We work with students from ages 12 to 25. Most of our students are planning to pursue a career in the performing arts. These are serious young artists who are determined to make a name for themselves in the theatre industry. These kids have big dreams–being on Broadway, creating great art, dazzling audiences, and making a difference. They also have all the worries and anxieties that come along with being a young artist: “Am I good enough to make it?” “What if this plan doesn’t work?” “What if I disappoint everyone, especially myself?”

Every day, we watch our students grow, transform, gain confidence, and achieve all kinds of wins. The big, flashy, exciting wins–like getting into a top theatre college program or booking a Broadway role. And, just as importantly, the quieter wins–supporting students as they come into their own, find their voice, learn to advocate for themselves, build emotional resilience, and more.

About Our Parents

Behind every successful artist is a parent saying, “I see you, I believe in you, and I’m here for you.”

Our parents tend to be very supportive of their kids’ futures–and also, they’ve got questions. “Can my kid really make a living as a performing artist?” “Is my kid talented enough to really make it?” “How can I help them succeed?” “Am I pushing them too hard–or not hard enough?” “I love football and I don’t know anything about Broadway: help!”

We support parents and help them grapple with all the highs and lows that come along with raising a young artist. All of our programs include Parents-Only info sessions–a beautiful opportunity for parents to ask questions, get answers, and meet fellow parents who can relate and support each other.

Salary + Benefits

A few great reasons to work at The Broadway Collective...

Should you apply?

You should definitely apply for a position at The Broadway Collective, IF:

We believe black lives matter.

The Broadway Collective is a multi-million dollar educational company founded by a gay Black man.

It goes without saying, we believe that Black Lives Matter.

We are committed to creating an anti-racist, trans-positive, and inclusive environment in our workplace, in our classrooms, and on Broadway stages. 

We celebrate diversity and provide equality and opportunity to our team, students, and their parents—regardless of their ability, background, race, or orientation.

Meet the Team

Robert Hartwell

Founder + Artistic Director

In 2016, Robert opened The Broadway Collective with his life savings. He has performed in 5 Broadway musicals including Hello, Dolly! starring Bette Midler.  He is a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Musical Theatre Department.  As a director/choreographer, his work has been seen at Lincoln Center, Music Theatre Wichita, and The University of Michigan. He served as  the Assistant Director on the First National Tour of Once On This Island and currently is the Associate Artist at North Carolina Theatre. Proud member of Actors Equity Association, SAG/AFTRA, and Broadway Inspirational Voices.  He is featured in Jay-Z and Pharrell’s latest music video Entrepreneur.  He is obsessed with NPR, Nespresso, and his morning routine.

Dallin Halls

Director of Operations

Dallin is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and attended Brigham Young University where he received his BFA in Acting, with a minor in Creative Writing. He has performed as a resident member of The Grassroots Shakespeare Company – touring the western United States, and with The Drilling Company in New York City. He began working as an Event Producer after moving to NYC, where he discovered his passion for managing teams and curating elevated experiences. Dallin and his husband Tyler currently live in State College, PA where they enjoy French-pressed coffee, their yoga room, and Asana (okay maybe only Dallin on that one).


Chadaé Nichol

Education Manager

Chadaé is a Beyoncé super fan and Mom. She’s a Broadway performer, and backup singer on the latest BTS album. She also graduated from Ball State U for Dance and Musical Theatre. You can find her on the beach when she’s not hitting a two-step or teaching.

Denielle Gray

Education Coordinator

Denielle has a passion for performance and a heart for teaching! She received a dual degree in Acting and Vocal Performance from CalArts and has graced many a stage Regionally and Internationally. Her mantra: Let your Light Shine!



Marketing Manager

Maggie is a NYC-based actress and nerd for all things marketing + social media. She has her BFA in Musical Theatre from Texas State University and is the founder of the blog + podcast, Actor Aesthetic. She has an unhealthy obsession with the Philadelphia Eagles… which is hard when you live in Giants country #GoBirds.

Becca Haden

Brand Architect

Becca is the designer + developer for all things digital and print, and has been collaborating with Robert since 2016! She is also a working actor (with her MFA from NYU Grad Acting), TBC instructor, and cat lady–you *can* have it all, folx!


Dylan Ladd

Operations Manager

Dylan has a Bachelors in Music Education, a Masters in Arts & Entertainment Administration and a Masters in School Administration & Supervision.  He loves all things music, theater, and home gadgets.  TBC team member since 2016.

Elizabeth McNeil

Billing Coordinator

A creative Research Scientist with a serious one handed cartwheel at the end of an amazing floor routine. Also the one to lift you higher in the journey of life.  Sweet southern lady but let your invoice be late – you will meet her Brooklyn roots sis.

Elizabeth Ragavanis, ESQ.

General Counsel

Elizabeth keeps all of the boring legal stuff together so that the rest of the team can focus on the fun and creative things. When she isn’t crafting legalese, she is making homemade jam, learning to speak Greek, and travelling whenever and wherever she can.

Joanna Ebol

Systems + Automation Coordinator

Joanna was always top of her class with aspirations to become a news anchor. In college, she tried a computer-related course. The course gave her skills that make her incredibly savvy and versatile in the technical world.

Join the team

Open Opportunities

Full-Time Employee

The Broadway Collective is seeking a highly experienced Director of Sales + Marketing to support strategy, development, and enrollment of our educational programs.

Marketing manager

Full-Time Employee

The Broadway Collective is seeking a highly experienced Marketing Manager to support strategy, development, and enrollment of our educational programs.

Social Content Manager

Full-Time Employee

The Broadway Collective is seeking a Social Content Manager to support our online platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube) through community outreach and content production.


1099 Contractor

The Broadway Collective is seeking a copywriter to produce written content that matches the brand voice and engages clients.


Full-Time Employee

The Broadway Collective is seeking a highly experienced Sales Specialist to support enrollment of our educational programs.

Social Content Producer

Full-Time Employee

The Broadway Collective is seeking a Social Content Producer to support our online platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube) through community outreach and content production.

Marketing Coordinator

Full-Time Employee

The Broadway Collective is seeking a Marketing Coordinator to support the development and enrollment of our educational programs.

Hiring Coordinator

1099 Contractor

The Broadway Collective is seeking an experienced Hiring Coordinator to oversee the entire hiring process from recruitment to onboarding.

Special Events Manager

Part-Time Employee

The Broadway Collective is seeking a Special Events Manager to direct all special events from launch to delivery.

Systems + automations manager

Full-Time Employee

The Broadway Collective is seeking a Systems + Automation Manager to manage the technical needs of the organization.

Operations Coordinator

Full-Time Employee

The Broadway Collective is seeking an Operations Coordinator to support the operational needs of the organization.

Systems + automations coordinator

1099 Contractor

The Broadway Collective is seeking a Systems + Automation Coordinator to support the technical systems for the organization.

Program Assistant

1099 Contractor

The Broadway Collective is seeking a Program Assistant to support the education department in providing our students with an exceptional experience in all programs.

Hello Broadway Coach

1099 Contractor

The Broadway Collective is seeking a Hello Broadway Coach to support the education department in providing our students with an exceptional experience in all programs.

Program Coordinator

Full-Time Employee

The Broadway Collective is seeking a Program Coordinator to support the growth of our educational programs.

I applied...Now What?

What to expect

Once you fill out your application, you will get an automatic email to confirm that we received your info. Thank you! 

Please hang tight. We will review your information as a team. You will hear from us within 2 weeks. We will let you know either A, B, or C:

A. “We’d love to schedule an interview with you.” 

B. “We’d like to collect a bit more info from you and/or we have a quick question for you.”

C. “We’re grateful you applied. Thank you so much, but we don’t feel this opportunity is a match.”

We will also send you an email to notify you once the position has been filled, so that you don’t have to wonder, “What’s going on?”

We respect your time and we keep you updated throughout the process. We know it can be aggravating to wait and hear nothing from a potential employer, so we don’t do that to you!

Thank you so much for considering a career at The Broadway Collective.

Excited to hear from you!

Robert Hartwell

Founder + Artistic Director

+ the entire The Broadway Collective Team